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Prez Mahama: Very Soon NPP Will Promise Free Food,...Free Water...Free Air


Prez Mahama: Very Soon NPP Will Promise Free Food,...Free Water...Free Air

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President John Dramani Mahama has cautioned the New Patriotic Party to halt making outrageous promises for the sake of votes and make realistic and achievable pledges to the people of Ghana.

Addressing Chiefs and People of Ave Golokwati in the Volta region, President Mahama said Ghanaians must challenge the NPP to state their track record in education under ex President Kufuor’s tenure before they are allowed to go ahead with their free promises.

“When NPP come to talk, just ask them one question, what is their track record in education delivery? Because you want to win elections you come out with a populist free SHS education promise.

“Because of elections you say free SHS, i'm sure in 2016 they would say free transport, everybody can enter any car free of charge, then 2020 they would say free food, they would supply food to everybody’s house, then 2024 they would say free houses for everybody, then 2028 they would say free water and free electricity and they would even forget God has given us air, they would say free air for everybody” President Mahama said.

The President added “beware of the Greeks especially when they come bearing out gifts”.

President Mahama also took a swipe at the Communications Director of the NPP, Nana Akomea for claiming that the NPP would build 350 Secondary schools in two years.

Nana Akomea’s claim was in reaction to the NDC manifesto pledge that the next NDC government under President Mahama would erect 200 secondary schools in the next four years.

But President Mahama in a reaction stated that Nana Akomea must be realistic and make well conceived promises and not take Ghanaians for granted.

“I was listening to the communications director of the NPP and he said we [NDC] would build 200 Secondary Schools in four years and in other to beat that he said they [NPP] would build 350 schools in two years. That is 175 secondary schools in a year, does he know what a secondary school is.

“175 schools in one year? haba! Nana Akomea, you think Ghanaians are children. A secondary school has the administration block, it has got classrooms it has the laboratories, it has a computer laboratory and you would build 175 in one year? Give us a break.

Source: RadioXYZonline.com/Ghana



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