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Gina A.-Fordjour: The Director and Publisher [JusticeGhana Group]

Dear JusticeGhana Enthusiast, Dear JusticeGhana Subscriber or Visitor,

Re: Projects & Sponsorships

The JusticeGhana Group was founded in 2008, in London, UK, as a Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Online Media Organization by Journalist and Legal Researcher Asante Fordjour and Gina Kuukua Amoakwa-Fordjour- a Registered Practice Nurse, specializing in Geriatric and Adult Nursing.

Asante and Gina sought to collaborate to educate, inform and to improve the knowledge-base of their potential subscribers through free, fair, balance and impartial periodic online publication of research articles on their chosen fields of study and to offer where possible, free generic face-to-face legal advice and information to subscribers that might call on the Group.

The JusticeGhana Group strives to give community-based professional awareness programs, focusing on Health Promotion, Legal and Media Research as well as Education and Training to the youth. Our focus is on Research, Information, Advisory and Advocacy services.

For human rights issues we provide here only videos on some of the daily hassles of the Ghanaian Parent or Guardian in making ends meet.

The success of our 2007 initiative had been significant and the driving force for our research travels to Ghana in 2012 and 2013 respectively. While in Ghana and upon the outcome of our face-to-face street research these projects were launched:

The Samaritan Street Project: “MenthGhana”- a mental healthcare project that seeks to restore dignity, social protection to our street mental health patients. You may please read: The Break-down of Ghana’s Mental Healthcare.

JusticeGhana strives to explore new strategies that resolve some of the key issues that the Ghana Health Service faces and to aid the patient achieve the following: Improving personal and public safety and hygiene;  improving professionally responsive mental healthcare delivery while reducing costs and; supporting families/public in taking more active role in the mental healthcare services.

TheChildGirlIn Ghana we also identified many needy school-going youths roaming in the streets of major cities in the country. We have accordingly, launched The OmanbaPa Street Project [The JusticeGhana YouthNetworks]– focusing on the delivery of Education & Training to these deprived youths. You may want to have a look at this video: The Coconut Street Boy.

As you might have already read in our 2014 resolutions, we have place two youths on our billing list. Our objectives are that each JusticeGhana YouthNetworks participant will: Gain a sense of belonging and purpose; contribute to a better world and society;  and to become adaptable, tolerant and open-mindedness to dissenting views.

At the end of successful completion of The OmanbaPa Street Program– each participant youth will: Develop resiliency;  Have feeling of self-esteem; Communicate more effectively; Solve problem more efficiently; Feel empowered by his/her educational or vocational qualifications and skills and; Shy away from adventures that compromise individual or collective security and progress.

For example, recent report from the Ghana Health Services states that majority of the mental health problems within our youth population are drug-related. It is our resolve therefore, to raise funds- in cash or in kind, to carry out these projects successfully in 2014 and beyond. Your contribution could kindly be made through our CONTACTS or OUR DONATION LINKS BUTTOM-RIGHT AT JusticeGhana HomePage.

You could as well issue a cheque identifying it with the Project Name to: JusticeGhana Group, 05 Nii Adjei Road, P.O. BoxCT9365, East Cantonments, Accra, Ghana.

Alternatively; you could also support JusticeGhana through wire transfer to: SG-SSB BANK; *ACCOUNT NO.600005366307 *SWIFT CODE SSEB GHAC *9018 MADINA BRANCH, ACCRA, GHANA .

The JusticeGhana Group; its Directorate and the entire Team, wish to thank you for your help and support in advance, by contributing towards its timely research, information, advisory and advocacy services.

We are most grateful to you all.

Gina Kuukua Amoakwa-Fordjour

[Director of Health & Publisher]

JusticeGhana Group