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There is no "Better Ghana" anywhere! - Nduom


There is no "Better Ghana" anywhere! - Nduom

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The flag-bearer of the Progressive People's Party (PPP), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, in a facebook post Monday, said the governing NDC should deceiving itself it has built a better Ghana.

He said the evidence across the country departed markedly from the government's much vaunted better Ghana.

Read below the entire post by Dr. Nduom.

Let’s talk about the performance, over the past 3.5 years, of the NDC administration, first led by the late President Mills and now by President Mahama. We want to be clear – THERE IS NO BETTER GHANA ANYWHERE.

This government was put in charge of this country to solve the numerous problem our nation encounters. But this government, the one led by President John Mahama, has failed the Nation. This government has failed because if you go to communities throughout the length and breadth of this country many, many people are drinking disease infected water. The low quality of education is making many of our children fail examinations. They cannot advance their education and go to a higher level. Electricity has remained a problem, and now we are experiencing the severe inconvenience of LOAD SHEDDING, which quite simply means, you are working and all of a sudden you have no power. You are holding an important event, and you must look for a generator. You look at the bad roads, the dangerous roads our people have to travel on. And in this 21st our people still are encountering and suffering from Malaria, Cholera, Guinea worm and we hear yellow fever has reappeared in parts of our country.

My fellow Ghanaians, ARE YOU BETTER OFF THAN YOU WERE ON JANUARY 2009? Listen to our young men and women, especially those who have been lucky enough to go to a polytechnic or a university who are still walking about this country looking for a job. Many are still staying at home with their mothers and fathers who have to feed them still after making all of those investments to take them through tertiary intuitions.

This government has failed our people and does not deserve another 4 years. The term of office of any president is 4 years. That is it! It is only when one does well, when one improves the prosperity, the living condition, the livelihood of the people, that is when the President is given 4 more years. 4 more years does not come automatically. So lets us not listen when those NDC people, to John Mahama, when they make the argument that somebody got 8 years and so automatically, they also deserve 8 years.

Our people do not deserve to go through another difficult 4 years, even when we now have the benefit of oil revenue. Even when this country has been enjoying relatively high cocoa and gold prices. So, what is the value, the value of the votes that were cast in 2008? This is why we tell Ghanaians, do not waste your votes on those who have failed you in this 4th Republic! And this current administration, with John Mahama, has failed the people of Ghana.

It is important that we all know that there is an alternative, and that alternative comes from the Progressive People’s Party. The party has been very clear, very specific about the opportunities that it is bringing to each and every one of the 10 regions of this country. It is the only party that is saying that we have raw materials, that with the support of government, we can produce more here in Ghana. With facilitation by government, with Joint Ventures, with Private Public Partnerships, we can implement processing plants, factories that would use our own raw materials to create millions of employment opportunities for our people. With the right government in power, all Ghanaians can have the benefit of a job, can have the benefit of money, can have the benefit of the happiness that comes from the sweat of your labour!

And that is why we say:

PPP Nyi, Edwuma Nyi, Sika Nyi; Ahoto Nyi!!

Thank you very much and may God Bless this homeland we call Ghana!

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