Rawlings And The International Criminal Justice

Gen A.A. Afrifa Bid Goodbye

Gen A.A. Afrifa Bid Goodbye

Human Rights v Sovereign Immunity: Extradition or Trial In Absentia? A Review of Rawlings for court in UK? GHP: General News of Thursday, 29 March 2007

***Asante Fordjour


“Compatriots, I take leave of you. The air force is bombing the radio towers, but I will not resign. Placed in this historical timewarp, I will pay with my life for my people’s loyalty, telling you that conscience will not be blindfolded for ever. They have the power, and they will dominate us, but social progress cannot be halted by criminal force. History is ours, determined by you the people. Defend but do not sacrifice yourselves. Do not let yourselves be crushed or murdered. I have faith in the destiny of Chile [Ghana], to rise above this grey and bitter moment when treason prevails. Sooner rather than later free men and women will walk our avenues full of trees to construct a better society. These are my last words. I die knowing that there will come a moral law to punish the felony and the cowardice and the treason.” Thus did according to Geoffrey Robertson QC, Dr Salvador Allende, the elected head of state of Chile, bid a broadcast farewell to his people on 11 September 1973 as war planes, circled to bomb the presidential palace. That day’s putsch, in the words of the Master of the Middle Temple and visiting professor in human rights law at Queen Mary College, who prosecuted Hastings Banda and defended Salman Rusdie, was joined by General Pinochet in his role as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, who unlawfully commanded his forces to overthrow the democratic government and to murder its most prominent supporters, whether they resisted or not [1].

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