Quashigah And The Boys Company

Ex-Boys’ (Junior Leaders) Tribute to Major Quashigah (rtd)

We are extremely saddened to hear of Major Courage Quashigah’s passing; he was a wonderful instructor, soldier and someone whom we will miss greatly.

Our thoughts are with his family, friends and the countless “Junior Leaders” he has inspired along the way. He was a distinguished instructor who introduced the study of French language into Boys military training curriculum. He encouraged Student Boys to use the library wisely in their leisure hours to gain knowledge to be able to acquire GCE ‘O’ Level Certificate before passing out from the military institution. He was always thinking of a brighter future of others before himself.

It is in this context that the chairmen, executives and members of Ex-Boys (Junior Leaders) in Europe, Americas and Ghana wish to express our heartfelt sympathy on the passing of our great teacher, brother, uncle and officer. His contagious smile and creative humour made great soldiers in the history of Ghana Armed Forces. We will miss his words of motivation and encouragement that opened our youthful eyes to a whole new way of engaging future enemy forces.

Indeed Courage Quashigah was one of the kindest and most thoughtful people we have ever known when the school was established. The Boys Company was established in 1953 by the British to train boys from the ages of 14.5 to 17 into the Ghana Armed Forces as professional Non-commission officers (NCOs) with leadership qualities and great knowledge to make a better Army in our country. So like many others, we are deeply touched and shocked by his untimely death.

Major Courage Quashigah (rtd) was posted from 1 Infantry Battalion (1BN), Michel Camp, to our unit as platoon commander with the rank of 2 Lieutenant in 1975. The presence of such intellectual great man quashed our insecurities in all aspects of soldiering and social life. Thus, his charming character and conversations that transformed our training were beyond commendation. We are indeed saddened that we won’t get the chance to thank him for these sacrifices.

We vividly remember him outlining his many plans for the future during our years as Boys in Kumase which unfortunately, Ghana couldn’t put into reality. Major Courage Quashigah made the teaching and learning military tactics handouts interesting and attractive to Boys. He introduced a practical teaching method known as “walk-through procedure”. Thus, after lecture, students go through the procedure slowly and smoothly on the field without the use of weapons for better understanding before going to the battle training field to gain real life experience.

Major Quashigah also facilitated for the easy use of the military tactics handouts. Thus for us, by extracting the relevant sections for Boys, the large volume of handout left by the British became reference materials. He passionately insisted the use of cutlery by students in the dinning to gain experience as future leaders.

For all these, we say Major Courage Quashigah was truly primus inter pares who will be remembered as one endowed with an energetic drive, eloquence and above all, a witty sense of humour.

May His Soul Rest In Peace, Amen

Compiled By Courtesy Of JusticeGhana.com/The Samaritan Research Group

Source: Ex-Boys (Junior Leaders Company) UK


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