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Lee Ocran on war path with CHASS over unapproved fees


Lee Ocran on war path with CHASS over unapproved fees

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The Education Minister Lee Ocran has warned he will take drastic disciplinary action against headteachers of secondary schools who have become notorious for charging unapproved fees.

He said those heads are likely to be transferred into district offices or demoted.

The Minister is accusing CHASS of charging many unapproved fees including, headmaster retirement fees, Hepatitis B fees etc.

He said it is the government that bears the brunt of angry parents when these ridiculous fees are charged.

He has also directed the head teachers to stop charging the Gh¢2.50 as feeding fees and revert to Gh¢1.80 they have been charging in the past.

The head teachers say, reverting to the old fees will have a deleterious effect on the quality of food they serve to the students.

A former General Secretary of CHASS Felix Ahiano said the Gh¢1.80 feeding fee being charged was unsustainable.

He explained to Joy News for every Gh¢1.80 paid per student, break fast, lunch and supper are provided.

He said it is from the same amount that cooking utensils and other kitchen equipment are bought.

He appealed to the Ministry to pay the compromised fee of Gh¢2.50 having kicked against Gh¢3.00 earlier proposed.

He was also quick to add that the students who are adolescents are beginning to eat more than they did growing up.

But the Minister is adamant. He told Joy News’ Evans Mensah the head teachers cannot continue to charge ridiculous fees.

He argued if the heads are complaining that Gh¢1.80 will affect the quality of food provided to the students, what will happen if parents no longer bear any feeding cost at all as the NPP is proposing under the free senior high school education policy.

He charged the head masters to speak up on the controversial issue.

Lee Ocran gave a stern warning that the Ministry will not tolerate head teachers who flout the directive issued.

From:Nathan Gadugah/Myjoyonline.com



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