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Tony Aidoo condemns political propaganda; says he does not want to join "bandwagon"


Tony Aidoo condemns political propaganda; says he does not want to join "bandwagon"

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Dr Tony Aidoo, a stalwart in the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC),has revealed that over the past few months, he had refused to be a panel on Alhaji and Alhaji, a Radio Gold news analysis programme, because he did not feel “comfortable” joining the “bandwagon of propaganda”.

“What for?...You don’t learn anything and you don’t give knowledge to anybody”, he asserted.

The NDC stalwart also spoke against several issues facing political parties in the country, especially when they win power. He said governments must direct efforts at fighting corruption when they come to power.

He said whether it is at the level of perception or a reality, corruption is “harmful” so long as it dominates political discourse in the country.

According to him, there must be concrete evidence from government that it is working to end corruption and perceptions of corruption.

“There must be a demonstrable effort at fighting corruption not just exhortation”, he stressed.

Speaking on Alhaji and Alhaji on Saturday, Dr Tony Aidoo also cited the book Animal Farm as an epitome of events happening in Ghana’s Fourth Republic.

“When the pigs have more or less gained the ascendency, and then have started inviting the human beings…they sat at dinner and were drinking alcohol…you look at the pig and it resembles the human being and the human being resembles the pig”.

According to him, that part of the book is a reflection of the "relationship between political parties of the Fourth Republic and the governments they form”.

He bemoaned the lack of focus in political parties, especially the New Patriotic Party (NPP), saying a lack of focus by any political party would pose serious problems when they win power.

He mentioned patronage, corruption, opportunism, excessive propaganda, intolerance of dissent and sycophancy as six challenges impeding political parties in the country.

“…look at every political party [in the country] and you find that there is a high level of patronage, which is why the faces change from Jones to the pigs and pigs to Jones”, he added.

Speaking on the intolerance, he cited the recent suspension of Dr Charles Wereko-Brobby by the NPP National Executive Council (NEC).

“The NPP has always presented itself as the most democratic party and yet at every point in time, we see in its internal relations, such a level of intolerance”, Tony Aidoo cited.

Condemning the “high level” of sycophancy in political parties in the country, he observed that when people speak the truth it usually has negative implications for their membership in the parties.

From: George Nyavor/Myjoyonline.com



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