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Chief's Head On Plate Draws Tears

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Chief's Head On Plate Draws Tears

From Thomas Fosu Jnr, Asamankese

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EMOTIONS WERE high at the palace of the chief of Asamankese  yesterday, when Osabarima Kwaku Amoah III,Asamankesehene, performed some rituals and slaughtered a fat sheep to sever his relationship with the chief of Aworasa, Nana Pobi Asomaning, who went public

about two weeks ago to accuse him of usurping the powers of Okyenhene, Osagyefuo Amoatia Ofori Panin and selling Asamankese lands indiscriminately.

Osabarima Amoah III, was moved to tears as he evoked the spirits of their forefathers to rebut the Aworasahene’s allegations. He said what pained him the most was the allegation that he had ordered people to kill Nana Asomaning and for his head to be delivered to him on a plate.

“My children and relations abroad have been bombarding me with calls to verify the truth of the allegations and I was very traumatized by the allegations which I know absolutely nothing about”, he said.

“I have called my sub-chiefs and subjects here with the press to react to the allegations since they are serious allegations
which call for police investigations”, he stated, asking the police to immediately launch investigations into the matter to find out if he is culpable, and if so, arraign him before court. And that if Nana Asomaning is just creating unnecessary panic, he should also be arrested and put before court.

According to Osabarima Kwaku Amoah III, as a result of the allegations made against him, he does not want to see the Aworasahene, who he(Osabarima) enstooled himself, at any public function he(Osabarima) organizes or anywhere near him.

“I am today asking our ancestors to deal with Nana Asomaning for bringing disgrace to the Asamankese stool”.

Osabarima also apologized to the press for not making himself available to answer questions relating to the allegations and said that since the accusation bordered on criminality and security, he wanted the journalists to talk to the Municipal police commander first or the Municipal Chief Executive.

Earlier on at a press conference at the palace attended by a large number of indigenes from the town as well as sub-chiefs and elders all wearing black attire, members of Asamankese Concerned Citizens Association, called on the police to immediately arrest the chief of Aworasa to assist them (the police) in the investigations of all the allegations bordering on the attempted murder and the threat on his life.

“This Pobi Asomaning has seriously indicted the police and the government in power in his publication, and caused public panic by the allegations that armed men are roaming the streets of Asamankese and shooting onto roof-tops while the police and the security agencies look on”, Nana Aboagye Yiadom, a spokesperson for the association said.

According to him, the people of Asamankese are peace-loving people and have lived in peace with all the people in the area.

The spokesperson explained that the chief of Aworasa is doing all these things because he sees himself as heir to the Asamankese stool.

Mr. Yiadom noted that Aworasahene preferred destoolment charges against Osabarima Amoah before the Kyebi Judicial Committee in 2007, but failed in his attempt and instead decided to connive with the Okyenhene to impose him on Asamankese as the chairman of Okyeman Lands Commission; an action members of the association kicked against.

“We the members of the association rejected that move by the Okyenhene and went ahead to remove the Aworasahene from the Asamankese palace two months after taking office”, he concluded.

Source: Daily Guide, 23 April 2010



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