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We Shit Bombed Palmer-Buckle


Palmer BuckleWe Shit Bombed Palmer-Buckle

A group calling itself the Catholic Resistance Movement against Palmer Buckle has claimed responsibility for the infamous May 2 shit-bombing of the Martyrs of Uganda Catholic Church at Mamprobi in Accra.

The group, in a statement signed by its spokesperson, C.S. Henchman, said the May 2 action which preceded a confirmation ceremony at the church, officiated by Palmer Buckle, was to draw the public's attention to alleged abuses by Palmer Buckle, the Metropolitan Archbishop for Accra.

They accused the Archbishop of living a luxurious lifestyle, owning a $2 million Trassaco mansion and also attempting to seize their three-storey building at the Martyrs of Uganda parish to house the Social Advance Institute.

But the spokesperson for the Martyrs of Uganda Catholic church, Steven Avornyo, speaking to Citi News, denied knowledge of the group and the statement.

This group is not known to us and we have not seen the statement so we will not be able to respond in detail about what the content of the statement is.

C.S. Henchman is not known to us, we don't know his status whether he is a parishner of Martyrs of Uganda or otherwise...as far as I'm concerned, we don't know C.S. Henchman.

Reacting to the group's allegations, Avornyo said, if C.S. Henchman and his group has a challenge with the lifestyle of the Archbishop, the Archbishop runs an open door policy.

His office is always available, he is always present meeting different people and persons so they could go there and discuss their grievances with the Archbishop; but they should not use Martyrs of Uganda as a decoy for whatever they are doing.

Steven Avornyo described the parish as a decent one with respectable people, adding that if they have an issue with the Archbishop, they should sit down and discuss it with him.

We are a parish of decent people, noble people and respectable people who have the fear of God in them and have resolved as a parish that even if we have challenges with the Archbishop, the way to go is to sit and discuss and not to do actions that are considered uncivilised.

As far as I am concerned, we don't have a problem concerning the building as at this moment with the Archbishop. If we do, we will sit at a table and discuss with him.

Source: Daily Guide, 11 June 2010



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