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Bishop Obinim: I wanted to die!


Photo Reporting: Bishop ObinimBishop Obinim: I wanted to die!

The beleaguered Bishop Daniel Obinim of the International God’s Way Church has disclosed that he nearly committed suicide when news of his recent scandals broke.

He said some ‘spirits’ were constantly whispering into his ears to take away his life to avoid the shame that he had brought onto himself following his ungodly act which had come to the public domain.

According to him, but for his lovely wife, Florence Obinim, who he was caught on tape insulting, he would have taken his life by now to put a stop to the humiliation that he had brought onto himself.

The self-acclaimed man of God was speaking on Metro TV last Saturday in what could be best described as a well-rehearsed speech to save his shattered image. Bishop Obinim was supported by his wife, Florence.

In a sober voice which did not match a person that could storm a radio station with a crowbar, he said, “Something was occurring to me to kill myself to save me from the shame I have brought onto myself.”

Bishop Obinim said he heard a certain voice which constantly reminded him about the need for him to take his life, adding that the voice tormented him for a long time.

He noted that the same voice later on told him to leave the country and his church and settle in a far away country where nobody would see him and make mockery of him.

Bishop Obinim admitted that the pressure on him was so enormous at that time and it was his dear wife, Florence Obinim, who intervened and saved him from taking his life.

“My wife Florence saved me from committing suicide,” he said, noting that he was highly appreciative of the kind of support and care that his wife had shown him since his troubles began.

The beleaguered pastor therefore appealed to the entire nation to support him in thanking Florence Obinim, who he reiterated had saved him from going to the land of the dead.

Bishop Obinim recently became the subject of discussion across the country when news broke that he had defiled his wedding vows by bonking one Pokuah, who was the wife of his junior pastor.

Later on, Bishop Obinim publicly came on radio to state that he was responsible for the several ailments that had gripped the child of Pokuah, who is suffering from paralysis and mental disorder.

The troubled bishop also stormed the studios of Hot FM in Accra with a crowbar, where he caused damage to property worth over a billion of old Ghana cedis.

Breaking his silence since the issue broke, Bishop Obinim said he had learnt vital lessons from the case. “I have learnt wisdom from all that happened to me recently.”

He admitted his guilt for forcibly entering Hot FM studios with an offensive weapon, saying, “I made a great mistake and I have even knelt and begged the owner of Hot FM, ‘Afro’, for forgiveness.”

Bishop Obinim said the Hot FM owner had forgiven him so he also expected the entire country to do same, promising not to repeat the blunders that he committed.

“I am a human being like you, I am not a spirit so please forgive me and I promise not to repeat such mistakes again in future,” Bishop Obinim said.

Having realized how powerful the media was, he promised not to forcibly break into any media house again in future, saying, “Even if they say anything about me in future, I will not even react on phone let alone visit the station.”

Despite bragging on radio that he used his powers to cause the young child of Pokuah to get paralyzed earlier on, Bishop Obinim on Saturday distanced himself from the whole issue.

According to him, he had nothing to do with the child’s sickness, stressing that his earlier claim that he was responsible for the child’s predicament was due to anger and pain.

Bishop Obinim appealed to Ghanaians to forgive and forget whatever he did recently which had tarnished his image, promising to be a good servant of God henceforth.

Source:News One



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