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“People matter, you matter” is not our slogan –NPP tells NDC


“People matter, you matter” is not our slogan –NPP tells NDC

NDC-NPP Slogan War24 July 2012

The New Patriotic Party has made it clear to the NDC that the slogan “people matter, you matter” is not its slogan. Instead the NPP says that it is the title of a manifesto that has taken almost two years to shape up.

This revelation was made by the Coordinator of the NPP Manifesto Committee, Yoofi Grant on pm:EXPRESS Monday.

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These are policies to be achieved by the people for the people. It is not about words that have been put together. It expresses the spirit of the manifesto. It is about the people that you serve. It is not to be the master of the people you serve but the servant of the people. So as you are putting your manifesto together, all the policies that go into it, you are thinking about the end user, the people that you are doing the manifesto for. For us, that is how it evolved. It is people matter, you the Ghanaian, you matter. It is first in what we say we are going to do and secondly in executing it”.

According to Mr. Grant, the tile of the NPP’s 2012 manifesto is - People Matter, You Matter. Change Now, Move Ghana Forward -BUILDING A FREE AND FAIR SOCIETY OF OPPORTUNITIES AND HOPE FOR EVERY GHANAIAN.

But the NDC says the slogan “people matter you matter” is a re-affirmation of their ideology of social democracy. Murtala Mohammed, aspiring MP for Nanton said the IEA has no cause to investigate the case of plagiarism because the slogan was first couched by the NDC. “When you look at page 45 of our 2008 manifesto, it is palpably stated there”, he said.

Mr. Mohammed pointed out that no liberal party is concerned about the people and found it strange that the NPP would cling to the slogan. Nevertheless, Yoofi Grant insisted NPP national programs thus far hints of a party that is people centered adding that “I can bet that if you go and look at the NDC 2008 manifesto, you will not see people matter you matter, you might see maybe people are important or people might matter -but not the two together”.

He said it is preposterous for the NDC to argue that their ideology leans more towards people than that of the NPP. He cited policies like the National Health Insurance Scheme, the capitation grant and even the school feeding program, as evidence that regardless of its free market/capitalist ideology, the NPP has been more “people centered” in its policies.

When asked by Host Stephen Anti, whether the NPP would consider changing the title of its manifesto seeing that the NDC claims it is their slogan, Yoofi Grant said; it would serve the NPP really good for the NDC to use its manifesto title as its slogan. He said, it would be like the NDC to campaigning for the NPP if the ruling party goes ahead to use the NPP’s manifesto title.

Meanwhile the IEA is investigating this slogan war and is yet to outdoor its findings. It is not clear whether the two parties will go ahead to launch their campaigns on the same day, as they’ve previously announced. But what is clear is that any party found to be in breach of the political parties’ code of conduct will be sanctioned.

From:Joy News



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