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Rawlings Should Submit A letter To Us If He Wants to Play An Active Role In Our Campaign - Asiedu Nketsiah


08 November 2012

Rawlings Should Submit A letter To Us If He Wants to Play An Active Role In Our Campaign - Asiedu Nketsiah

The General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketsiah, has revealed that for some time now, officials at the office of the ex-president, have barred the executives of the party from communicating with their founder by word of mouth and asked them to perform the act through official letters.

He revealed though the new law was alien to them, the executives of the party have complied with it and expect that Mr. Rawlings’ outfit, does same anytime he wishes to communicate with them. Mr. Asiedu Nketsiah charged the officials at the office of the former president, to do well to obey the new law since it was fair for a person seeking equity, to come with clean hands.

According to Mr. Asidedu Nketsiah, the party also expects an official letter from the ex-president should he rescinded his decision and decide to campaign for the NDC or play an active role in any party event.

“Because we have now realized that our relationship is based on official letter writings, we expect them to obey their set of laws and write to inform us about events they want to partake in”, he advised.

“Time changes everything and in the past we never wrote a letter to invite him to attend NDC functions but I can say that certain changes have popped up in this year’s election…henceforth, the relationship which would exist between us would be based on official letter writings. If we decide to invite him without dispatching a letter to them, they come on the airwaves and make it a big issue”, he stated.

In an interview with Kwame Nkrumah Tikese, host of Okay FM's Ade Akye Abia Morning Show programme, Asiedu Nketsiah affectionately called "General Mosquito" stressed that communicating with Mr. Rawlings through addressed letters was mysterious to the NDC, in view of the fact that this wasn’t the case some years back.

He recounted how the NDC had previously deployed the services of ex-president Rawlings without going through the new formalities proposed to them. According to the General Secretary, for peace to prevail in the party, they have decided to oblige to the new formalities the ex-president’s office have subjected them to.

Source: Chris Joe Quaicoe/Peacefmonline.com



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