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Nana Konadu To File Nomination Thursday


Nana Konadu To File Nomination Thursday

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Party, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has revealed that she will file her nominations forms with the Electoral Commission by close of day Thursday.

Addressing the press on the vision of the NDP, Mrs. Rawlings called on Ghanaians to vote massively for NDP to rule the country because her party has values which the country needs at the moment.

She said: “In the coming elections, we are called to re-affirm our values. Do we subscribe to our traditional political parties just for the sake of tradition or do we look to change the paradigm. I believe this question is on everybody’s mind today.”

“The National Democratic Party is a party that is no stumbling block because of our conviction to transform our nation and give our nation the best now. Not the promise of tomorrow,” she added.

She further expressed her optimism about NDP’s chances in the upcoming December elections.

Reacting to recent defections from NDP and particularly FONKAR, the former first lady indicated that she is not perturbed by the actions of such personalities.

“Some are resigning because they say that I am deviating from the cause. Actually, I would like to know their cause… So that is what I know. They are supposed to be my friends, so if they resign from FONKAR because they want to resign from the association, then I don’t know what other cause there is,” she explained.

Source: PeaceFM



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