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"Konadu Rawlings Has Lost Her Legacy In NDC"


"Konadu Rawlings Has Lost Her Legacy In NDC"

A Political Scientist, Ransford Gyampo has opined that Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has thrown away her legacy and respect within the ruling National Democratic Congress.

According to him although Mrs. Rawlings has a right to lead the National Democratic Party which is a breakaway party from NDC, her move is very risky.

He explained saying, “she has left her invaluable legacy within the ruling party as a key founding member. Her quest to contest Professor Mills was not timeous that was why she seem to have been humiliated until the time that she tended in her resignation, she was still seen as a serious force to reckon with within the party.”

Mr. Gyampo opined Mrs. Rawlings’ decision to quit the NDC may pay off if her intention is to push the party into position “and then with the help of her husband, re-capture it when the party has been in opposition.”

He added that breakaway parties have often not done well in terms of capturing political power “but they have done well in terms of taking quite a number of votes from the parties that they broke away from. Given the slim difference between votes that was gotten by the ruling party to win the 2008 election, any move like this could be catastrophic for the party.”

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