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The Tales of June 4 and The 1948 Riots


Photo ReportingThe Tales of June 4 and The 1948 Riots

Review- What accounted for the 28 February 1948 civil riots and the June 4 1979 military Uprising?


Naval Captain Baffour Assasie-Gyimah(Rtd)- ‘Mythoughts– Reflections On 4th June’ [Revolution]: “June 4th which was an uprising at that time was then considered salvation because it had a semblance of restoring, order and sanity into the Ghana Armed Forces and the political system. In the end lives were lost, some very unfortunately and some perceived to be deserving. Whatever lives that were lost could not be brought back and so very regrettable. These were the heroes of the revolution; But for their blood the country would not have been the same. Others were punished for their culpability. You would be surprised to hear that people were shot dead ostensibly for taking bank loans of not more than Fifty Cedis at the time! Look at Our Beloved Country now or cast your mind back to at least the last fifteen years and determine for yourselves whether Ghanaians have learnt any lessons. For me, the perpetual flame of 4th June which we celebrate today reminds me that fellow citizens paid the supreme prize for less. That is why I am using this occasion of the 35th Anniversary of 4th June to invite all of us on the four obvious matters that have the potential to drag this our beloved country back to a situation far worse than what some people considered to be far worse than unwelcome on 4th June 1979. See how the country is polarised. See the extent of indiscipline in the country see how filth has engulfed us and also see how all our institutions are corrupted to the core, from politicians almost to the last man…”



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