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Dr. Kwame Nkrumah One hundred and three (103) years ago, a child was born - Francis Nwia-Kofi in Nkroful, Gold Coast. That child grew to become Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and the flame of hope he lit on the African continent still burns.

He became “Africa’s Man of the Millennium”.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah led the CPP in the anti-colonial struggle of liberation, unity and development of Ghana and Africa with a clear ideological vision and programme to build Ghana, within a liberated, united and democratic Africa, and into a vibrant economic power.

o It was Kwame Nkrumah who began the move to dismantle colonial rule in Africa.

o He advocated Pan-Africanism, to fight neo-colonialism on the continent.

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o He was the architect of the founding of the Organization of African Unity (OAU).

o He became a symbol of hope and emancipation for Blacks and all oppressed peoples everywhere in the world.

o Nkrumah believed that it was only through industrialization that Ghana and the rest of independent Africa could catch up with the developed nations of the world.

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o He built factories and industries in Ghana, the Tema Harbour, new roads, and expanded the Civil Service.

o He constructed the Akosombo Dam to provide electricity both for Ghana and the neighboring states.

o He broke the monopoly of the multinational corporations in the Ghanaian economy, through nationalization policies. He created more jobs in the economy and increased wages.

o He built new hospitals and pipe-borne water

o He encouraged and financed sports to introduce Ghana to the world.

o Africans took charge of their own affairs and reclaimed their dignity in the world

o He maintained the colonial educational structures geared towards European degrees and values.

o He introduced free basic education for all children in Ghana by abolishing school fees at this level.

o He expanded education by building more schools to increase enrollments.

o He built teacher colleges to train teachers for the schools.

o He built several secondary schools (high schools).

o He built three universities: The University of Ghana, Cape Coast University, and the University of Science & Technology.

The list of achievements is endless but we note that successive governments since the 24th February 1966 overthrow of the CPP government have singularly and spectacularly failed to provide the same vision and programme directed towards improving the living standards and cultural and spiritual needs of Ghanaians.

Today Ghana stands at a decisive crossroad; a crossroad with policy failings in all our national life under the political governance of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) before it.

Their governments have manifestly failed to raise the living standards and conditions of the majority. Their rule has benefitted a privileged few, billions of cedis is being spent on Ministerial Cars, billions of cedis acquired corruptly through questionable procurement practices, billions more go to waste and financial irregularity, free privileges including fuel continues to be enjoyed by national and regional Ministers whilst the majority of Ghanaians are asked to be patient and to hope against hope for a better Ghana.

Each had come to power on the back of public disenchantment with corruption, economic mismanagement, and political misrule. The central question many are asking is thus: should Ghana continue to follow the same failed path of NPP/NDC governments under whom the economy of Ghana and the political policy of the Ghanaian State has been, and continues to be heavily dependent?

Evidence on the ground demonstrates conclusively that Ghanaians are yearning for liberation from the NDC-NPP. We are thus presented with a golden opportunity to recapture political power and transform the fortunes of all Ghanaians.

On the occasion of the 103th Anniversary of the Founder’s Birth, let us all remember the essence of the struggle for freedom, the struggle for self-determination, Nkrumaist development and unitarism. Let us remind ourselves that Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s philosophy and ideology has living roots in Ghanaian life and Ghanaian society today- the equal treatment of all religions in the nation he founded, the equality of all human beings whether Christian, Moslem or Traditionalist, the principle of human and ethnic equality.

To mark the occasion the CPP has organised a “Day of Action” - taking the party’s “Ghana Must Work Again” message to the community, as part of the CPP’s community based campaign.

The Party’s Presidential Candidate Dr Abu Sakara and Leading members in the north will campaign in Tamale.

The Party Chair, Hon Samia Yaba Nkrumah and leading members in the South will campaign in Tema East and Okaikoi South.

Party members in the other Regions have organised community events in their regions.

CPP Youth will be on a “Clean-up Exercise” in Kaneshie.

The observation of the Day within the community will also pay tribute to the heroic forebears of the Nkrumaist tradition, who sacrificed so much to redeem Ghana from the clutches of colonialism and to point to community and progressive activism as the weapon of choice against neo-colonial enslavement.

The party will urge the youth to rededicate themselves to the struggle for economic liberation of Ghana and the continent.

The CPP will be saluting all fallen heroes, sons and daughters who fought for Ghana's independence.

May God Our Father, Allah the Ever Compassionate and Ever Merciful and All Our Ancestors bless us all on Founder’s Day.

Ghana Must Work Again ………….Yabre!!!!

Nii Armah Akomfrah

Source: Director of Communication, CPP



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