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The Breakdown of Ghana’s Mental HealthCare - The Way Forward

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Like in most illnesses, delays in early detection, treatment and support for the patient can cause distress, increase the risk of relapse and can be harmful for the individual and their friends; family and carers. Early treatment has been shown to improve the long-term course of psychosis. If left untreated, the impact of an individual’s life including their relationships, studies and employment may be greatly disrupted, especially, at the critical stages of a young person’s life, adolescence and young adulthood when they are making plans for their carer and future. Ability to treat psychosis early greatly increases the person’s odds of being able to enjoy a healthy and productive future.


With the Mental Health Act 846 of 2012; which calls for better integration of mental health into the Ghanaian National Health Services, Ghana- is being credited for making substantial advancement in mental healthcare. I report however, that the prevalence as the gates of mental home in Asylum Down, Accra, illustrates, is a broken safety- net, lacking in a minimum decent standard of dignity.

Compiled By Gina Kuukua Amoakwa-Fordjour for The JusticeGhana Samaritan Street Project- “The MenthGhana.”




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