NPP is demonstrating erotic attraction for Mills' corpse -Tony Aidoo

His comments on Asempa FM's political talk show Ekosii Sen, Monday follow demand by members of the NPP for a full scale investigation into the death of the president John Mills.

He maintained the NPP’s call for a full disclosure on the circumstances leading to the President’s death is borne out of mischief.

Shortly after the death of the President on July 24, 2012, sections of the local and international media have given contradictory reports on the possible cause of death.

At the burial service last Friday, brother of the late President, Dr. Cadman Mills revealed that the late John Mills suffered a massive stroke before he was pronounced dead at the 37 Military Hospital.

But Dr. Cadman's explanation seem to have fallen on death ears with the NPP leading the crusade for an investigation into the cause of death.

Dr. Tony Aidoo on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Monday said the NPP is behaving in an “unacceptable and necrophilic manner”.

According to him, necrophilia which he explained as "celebration of death" best describes the posture of the NPP towards to the late President’s demise.

Dr. Aidoo indicated that the leading opposition party's demand for an investigation into the late President’s demise is vague.

“Are they [NPP] saying that there are problems with the cause of death or there are problems with the manner of his death; we need some specific answers” he added.

Tony Aidoo noted that the circumstances surrounding the late John Mills’ death has been put to rest after Dr. Cadman Mills disclosure on what actually killed him [Mills] hence an inquest will not be necessary.

Meanwhile, Wikipedia’s definition of Necrophilia also called thanatophilia or necrolagnia, as the sexual attraction to corpses.




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