CHRAJ scandal: 'A word to the wise is enough'- Short tells Lamptey

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Commissioner Lauretta LampteyCHRAJ scandal: 'A word to the wise is enough'- Short tells Lamptey

04 December 2014

Former Commissioner of the Human Rights and Administrative Justice says the ongoing scandal involving his successor has left the image and credibility of the Commission battered and dented. - See more at:



Emile Short described the scandal as unfortunate but would not elaborate any further.

Commissioner Lauretta Lamptey faces a possible impeachment process if she is found culpable of abuse of office allegations.

A prima facie case has been established against her following preliminary investigations by the Chief Justice, Georgina Woode.

The preliminary investigation was occasioned by two petitions, each accusing the Commissioner of abusing her office.

Mrs Lamptey is said to have misappropriated an amount of $148,000 on her 33-month rent and an additional $180,000 on renovating her official residence.

She, until recently, had been staying in a $450-per-day hotel, a conduct that raised a lot of uproar in the country.

A full-scale investigation is about to commence but Lauretta Lamptey has maintained her innocence, claiming the prima facie findings against her were disappointing.

Speaking to Joy News' Evans Mensah on the matter, the former CHRAJ boss Emile Short said the whole scandal is unfortunate.

"It is unfortunate this matter has reached this far where the Chief Justice has made this determination and it is going to the next phase of a full-blown investigation.

"I would not elaborate. I think people can draw inferences.

"I think Lauretta Lamptey herself should draw inferences from this statement and all I can say is that a word to the wise is enough."

He said he would have acted differently if he were to be in the same situation but would not say what the action will be.

The image and credibility of the Commission have received a severe battering. It has been dented at both the national and international level," he stated.

Source: Ghana||Nathan Gadugah



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