Ruby Cocaine Scandal…Alhaji Dawood Exposed

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Alhaji Mohammed Alamid DawoodRuby Cocaine Scandal…Alhaji Dawood Exposed

04 December 2014

One of the suspects being held by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) over their alleged roles in the Ruby cocaine saga, Alhaji Mohammed Alamid Dawood, played crucial campaign roles for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), DAILY GUIDE has learnt.



Emerging details about the man who wielded power in the scheme of things in the ruling NDC’s 2012 election campaign suggest how he was adequately rewarded for his loyalty to the party and contribution to its political war chest.

Some of these rewards include the award of juicy contracts and access to restricted portions of facilities such as the VVIP lounge of the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) and others.

One simple telephone call from Dawood to the boss of the VVIP section of KIA, it is alleged, facilitated the movement of over 22.5 kilos of class A cocaine through the airport to the Heathrow Airport in London undetected – which might not have been the first ever such smuggling with the aid of notable personalities.

Nayele Ametefeh aka Ruby Adu-Gyamfi aka Angel was nabbed with 12.5kg of pure cocaine at the Heathrow Airport while her alleged accomplices were also said to be carrying 5kg each but had to abandon the trip and make a quick detour back home after the arrest of Ruby.

The other suspects are being held in Ghana. They include Alhaji Dawood, who is reported to have travelled with the ladies in the abortive trip and made a quick dash to Lagos before arriving in Ghana to the arms of BNI operatives at KIA.

The details are emerging against the backdrop of efforts to present him as a so-called financier of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as part of a grand scheme to rope in the name of the largest opposition party in the drug scandal as a punishment for its hard-hitting punches of the NDC over the Ruby scandal.

One of the people desperately linking the NPP to the Ruby cocaine saga is no other person than the Communication Specialist to President John Mahama, Samuel George Nettey, who claimed that Alhaji Dawood is a known financier of the NPP.

Samuel George claimed that the cocaine suspect is the Business Development Manager of KELM Engineering Limited at Kanda in Accra and that the company was contracted by the erstwhile Kufuor administration to construct the Flagstaff House.

“Alhaji Dawood is the Business Development Manager of KELM Engineering that is based in Kanda. KELM Engineering was part of the sub-contractors that Kufuor contracted to build the Flagstaff House. He is a known NPP financier,” President Mahama’s Communication Specialist insisted on Radio Gold’s “Alhaji and Alhaji” programme last Saturday.

Big Fat Lies

However, KELM Engineering has denied any link with the Kufuor administration, saying that the company was set up in 2009 when the NDC was in power and, therefore, could not have worked on the Jubilee House as claimed by Samuel George.

For those who witnessed Alhaji Dawood’s fervent activities, especially the branding of his personal vehicle in the colours of the NDC when he championed the cause of John Mahama (JM) ahead of the 2012 elections, they could not come to terms with the association of Alhaji Dawood with the NPP—a party he loved to hate.

A Ghanaian currently in the US, Rita Asobayire, sent a message just before the composition of this story about the suspect in the following words: “Alhaji Dawood had an office on the Nima Highway. A billboard depicting him standing with President Mahama with the ‘Zongo For Mahama’ logo in the background was on the highway. I do not know whether it still stands there.”

Alhaji Dawood, who in the Yoruba community to which he belongs is called Alhaji Dawuda, is a close associate of the Mahamas and hails from Abeokuta, capital of Ogun State in Nigeria. Both of his parents are Yorubas, DAILY GUIDE can confirm.

He however holds a Ghanaian citizenship, having lived here for long or even born here. He currently resides at Lashibi near Sakumono.

Dawood arrived into the waiting hands of BNI operatives from Nigeria on the allegation of playing crucial roles in the use of the VVIP facility at the Kotoka International Airport in the heat of the Ruby cocaine scandal.

The VIP or VVIP wing, one of which Ruby reportedly used during her ill-fated trip and therefore enjoyed the courtesies which go with such use, is one of the contentious issues underpinning the scandal.

Government players have tried to no avail to deflect opposition charges that the state played a role in the trip of Ruby through such party activists like Alhaji Dawood and others now being held by the security agency for interrogation.

The arrest of such persons so far has not dampened the resolve of the opposition and others who maintain their stance that the state facilitated Ruby’s trip.

Government players have continued to pour cold water over the raging fire regarding the Ruby cocaine scandal which has resulted in an overheated political engine in the country.

Alhaji Dawood has not severed his umbilical links with his country of origin, having been spotted recently convincing Nigerians resident in Ghana to support Goodluck Jonathan as the latter seeks a second bid at the presidency of Africa’s most populous country on the ticket of the PDP.

The PDP is set to launch its Ghanaian chapter campaign in Accra very soon ahead of Nigeria’s election next year.

A smart man as he is, Dawood is able to penetrate the corridors of power with the kind of ease only those who have dined with powerbrokers dare attempt.

Those who have observed his contributions towards the cause of the NDC over the years doubt whether Alhaji Dawood would suffer untold consequences for his alleged role in the use of the VIP or VVIP facility at the KIA when this is proven.

Source: Daily Guide



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