Ghana Is A Failed State, Nothing Works Anymore


The 2012 Vice Presidential Candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Nana FrimponmaaGhana Is A Failed State, Nothing Works Anymore

19 November 2014

The 2012 Vice Presidential Candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Nana Frimponmaa has said Ghana is a failed state where nothing works anymore.



“The whole country is a complete failure. That is the point I’m making, it’s a total failure,” the traditional leader told Starr News in interview.

“…We need structures and system. It doesn’t look like anything is working. Look at the labour agitations…going on strike has become like just having a dinner at this reception where I am…” she said.

To her, the failure risks being rolled over to the next generation if the current generation does not strive hard to break the cycle.

“We have failed the children of this country and I hope that they will be wise enough to realise that they will not fail their children,” Frimponmaa said.

According to her, “where we are today is a shame. It’s a shame on us and every single person. This is not on government: it’s on government, it’s on opposition, on parliament, those of us who put the parliamentarians there and everybody who is part of the corruption in this country.

“We have failed and we need to sit down and stop just bragging or making people think that somebody is working: nobody is doing anything. Let’s start working and let’s start making sure that the system at least will work for our grandchildren. As for us and our children, we have failed them, but let’s not fail our grandchildren.”

The country is currently suffering from incessant strikes involving about 800,000 public sector workers, who are demanding the transfer of their second-tier pension contributions to private managers.

The Government is reluctant to do so. Both parties have been battling in court over the issue.

Meanwhile over 2,000 public sector Doctors have also threatened a mass resignation next year June if the government fails to come up with a set of conditions of service for them.

Source: Starr News



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