Disgraced Sekou Nkrumah can’t judge me – Hassan Ayariga


Hassan AyarigaDisgraced Sekou Nkrumah can’t judge me – Hassan Ayarigah

20 July 2012

The flagbearer of the People’s National Convention has described the son of Ghana’s first President, Sekou Nkrumah as a disgrace to the nation, his family and his father’s memory.


According to the under-fire flagbearer, Sekou Nkrumah does not have the wherewithal to criticize him on any platform because he has lost all credibility.

The PNC flagbearer has come under much attack following his performance at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) Presidential Encounter with several commentators noting that he did not deserve to run for president.

Several others such as think-tank IMANI Ghana and the Ghana Trades Union Congress say he was disappointing especially when compared to Dr Abu Sakara of the CPP at an earlier session.

Dr. Sekou Nkrumah in a recent interview questioned the intellect of Hassan Ayariga and described his performance as a “terrible and a disastrous performance.”

“Hassan Ayariga was a disaster (at the IEA), I was very happy when the party elected a young person; we need young people to represent us in presidential and parliamentary elections but youth is not enough; I think we need substance and that was clearly lacking in Hassan Ayariga’s presentation.

“I think his intellect seems to be weak, his performance during the questions and answers time was terrible; he is not fit to be president, it is a shame and disgraceful,” he is reported to have said.

In a sharp rebuttal however, the youngest presidential candidate for the 2012 election pointed out on Citi FM’s weekly news analysis programme Inside Politics that “Sekou Nkrumah himself is a disgrace to his father and to Ghana.

“He is a big disgrace to the society. What does Sekou Nkrumah have to offer? Jumping from one pot to another, looking for political advantages. You believe in one thing and you stand for one thing and you fight for one thing. If Sekou Nkrumah does not believe in his father, who then does he believe in?”

“He does not believe in his anybody. He believes in himself! Today he is this, tomorrow he is with this political party. He jumps like a frog from one place to another and I don’t listen to such comments from such people.”

Further criticizing the son of the Ghana’s first president, Hassan Ayariga said “the man said his own father is a mad man. How can somebody call his father a mad man and you want to put such a person in society and you want people to listen to such a person.

“Let’s get people who will incite others to be more mature than people who will drive people into the bush.”

Source: Citifmonline



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