Malor’s appointment alarms, confuses me – Audrey Gadzekpo


BBC Presenter Ben Dotse MalorMalor’s appointment alarms, confuses me – Audrey Gadzekpo

21 January 2014

Professor Audrey Gadzekpo, the immediate past Ag. Director of the School of Communications says President John Mahama’s appointment of former BBC Presenter Ben Dotse Malor, confounds her.



Prof Gadzekpo wondered if Malor’s appointment isn’t a mere duplication of the Information and Media Relations Ministry’s functions.

“My alarm at hearing the news really has to do with how things are organised at the Presidency and also I wondered whether it will not be a duplication of what perhaps a whole ministry of Information that seems to be dedicated to communication from Government, from the Presidency is about. So that’s my confusion”, she told Radio XYZ’s Strict Proof on Monday.

Despite conceding that Malor’s pedigree as a Communications person was impressive, Prof Gadzekpo said: “It seems to me that we have yet another presidential staffer drawing on the consolidated fund”.

She said the murky nature of the Communications structure at the Presidency makes Malor’s appointment even more confounding.

“I wish we had a clearer sense of what the organogram is within the presidency and how the presidency is organised in terms of advisers on the different key segments that ought to be advising the presidency and also how communications is organised at the governmental level. What are the overlaps between the ministry of information and communications at the presidency? I’m not clear at all about these matters”.

She said: “I’m a bit at sea as to how the Presidency’s communications is organised. It’s very opaque, it’s not transparent so we really don’t know how many presidential staffers are there [and] who is really responsible for communications”.

Source: Radio XYZ



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