AFAG: We Can't And Shouldn't Legitimize Illegalities All In The Name Of Peace


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12 December 2012

AFAG: We Can't And Shouldn't Legitimize Illegalities All In The Name Of Peace



Good morning distinguished ladies and gentlemen of the media!

In our bid to help consolidate Ghana’s democracy, the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG), has invited you here this morning to unconditionally lend support to the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) call for justice as far as the December, 7 2012 election is concerned.

On December 7, Ghanaian voters proudly and patiently lined up at the polls to vote for a new parliament and a new president. Some of them had to wait till December 8, when voting had to be extended to a second day because of technical glitches with the new biometric ID verification system.

Nonetheless, the voting proceeded apace, and the people had a chance to express their will at the ballot box. Unfortunately, evidence of fraudulent tabulation of figures by officials of the Electoral Commission appears to have discounted the true will of the people thus fraudulently declaring victory for the ruling party.

It is important to buttress the point that checks made by AFAG wholly confirm this fact. Our investigation and scrutiny of blue sheets for only 35 out of 275 constituencies has revealed that over 160,000 votes had been given to John Mahama in addition to what voters from those constituencies actually gave him. Thus the subtraction of the additional figures given to John Mahama in just 35 constituencies alone is enough to bring him down below the 50% mark.

This is a ‘STOLEN VERDICT’ and a recipe for chaos which must not be allowed to go unchallenged by all well meaning Ghanaians and true lovers of democracy.

Accordingly, we are thrilled by the decision of the NPP to head for the courts in fulfillment of Article 64(1) of the 1992 constitution. This constitutional provision stipulates “the validity of the election of the President may be challenged only by a citizen of Ghana who may present a petition for the purpose to the Supreme Court within twenty one (21) days after the declaration of the result of the election in respect of which the petition is presented”.

AFAG doffs off its hat for the New Patriotic Party for this all important move which we believe will not only set a precedent for the conduct of future elections, but will also test the resolve and preparedness of our judiciary to dispense justice without any fear or favor. We have no doubt, that as the final resort, the Judiciary just like in times past will rise to the occasion and deliver justice to the good people of this country.

Additionally, we wish to urge the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which by the omission and commission of the Electoral Commission has become the sole beneficiary of this despicable act to publicly denounce the results on account of available evidence. This would go a long way in dispelling suggestions that there was a grand conspiracy between the NDC and the EC to rig the elections in its favor.

Finally AFAG shares the popular opinion that in any democracy, the determination of who becomes leader should be determined by those who cast the votes and not by those who count the votes. The reverse has proven to be the case in Ghana, a country regarded by many as Africa’s beacon of Democracy and stability.

There is a looming danger and all stakeholders especially our institutions of state must act impartially to avert the danger. We cannot and should not legitimize illegalities all in the name of peace.

Ghana’s democracy deserves better.

Thank you


Alliance for Accountable Governance



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