Destiny Appears to be on the side of John Mahama in 2012


Photo ReportingDestiny Appears to be on the side of John Mahama in 2012

09 December 2012

The sitting-president- John Dramani Mahama, is currently leading his main political challenger- Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), with some 5,268,906 votes, representing 50.52% while the NPP’s candidate trails with 4,993,171 votes, representing 47.88%.



The total percentage for the other contesting individuals and parties stands at 1.60%. This figure is based on the certified presidential results of 262 constituencies out of the total of 275 constituencies.

The NDC has currently won 126 seats out of the 275 seats while 109 is currently in the hands of the NPP.

The People’s National Convention (PNC) has one seat while 3 are in the hands of independent candidates. With the few remaining votes to be certified and declared, which appears to be coming from the Constituencies in the Northern Regions, one can safely project that it might not be long for Nana Akufo-Addo, to throw in the towel by extending conceding goodwill message to the new-president elect.

Photo ReportingAs at yesterday, the NPP leadership released two press releases, stating that from their own calculations, their presidential candidate, was leading the polls with 51 to 53% of the total valid ballots cast and therefore, their sympathizers and support, could begin to celebrate their triumphs.

Their main political rival- the ruling NDC and some civil societies, including the leadership of the Pecae Council, condemned NPP's action as it was only the EC, mandated to declare the final outcome of the elections.

With these ups-and-downs, it is unclear to JusticeGhana how the NPP supporters and sympathizers might receive the news if they were to fail again in this crucial elections. The battle could indeed be of the Lord and not party the NPP supporters.

The country is currently calm but with some sort of reported agitations and uncertainties over the likely outcome of the elections and how the main opposing political forces or actors are going to respond to the declaration which might be very soon.

Having said, it is too early to predict the final outcome of the elections until the legally-mandated Electoral Commission had done so.

Some 14 million Ghanaians registered to vote in these elections but with some reported rejected ballot papers due to inaccurate voting. JusticeGhana will continue to update its readers or visitors as new developments unfold.




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