Nana Addo’s conduct at iea debate gives cause for grave concern – Gov’t


Deputy Minister of Information Mr. Samuel Okudzeto AblakwaNana Addo’s conduct at iea debate gives cause for grave concern – Gov’t

22 November 2012

Government says the conduct of the New Patriotic Party’s Presidential Candidate Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo at yesterday’s IEA Presidential Debate gives cause for grave concern ahead of the December 7 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.



A statement signed by Deputy Minister of Information Mr. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa said Nana Addo on two occasions in a relatively short period of less than two hours exhibited a regrettable penchant for violence and intolerance which must be of worry to all Ghanaians especially as we approach the elections.

Mr. Okudzeto Ablakwa sited Nana Addo’s reckless posture on our relations with Ivory Coast and the embarrassingly violent charge on the moderators of the presidential debate as the two frightening low points in Nana Addo’s outing.

On Ivory Coast, Mr. Okudzeto Ablakwa said it was most unpatriotic and reckless for a Ghanaian citizen running for the high office of President to insist that Ghana was harboring dissidents and was a threat to peace in Ivory Coast.

The insistence of Nana Addo even in the face of contrary evidence from President John Mahama was most shocking. Clearly, Nana Addo did not care about the implications of his confrontational utterances.

Government added that our relations with Ivory Coast was at a stage where mature diplomacy and tact was required and not cheap partisan recklessness from politicians who insist on winning political power “at all cost.”

Mr. Okudzeto Ablakwa further stated that it was inappropriate for a Presidential Candidate regardless of his parochial motivations to give credence to unsubstantiated allegations making rounds in the international press more so at a time some elements in Ivory Coast are making a claim on portions of our oil and gas find in a delicate border dispute.

The conduct of Nana Addo in this matter which has the tendency to raise tensions between both countries and eventually degenerate into conflict must be condemned by all peace loving Ghanaians.

Government took the opportunity to assure all Ghanaians and the international community that Ghana under President John Mahama will not become a rogue state neither will she become a haven for charlatans who seek to destabilize the peace in other countries.

Government also condemned Nana Addo’s unprovoked attack on the debate moderators when he charged on them immediately after the debate.

Mr. Samuel OKudzeto Ablakwa said this unwarranted attack on the helpless moderators whose only ‘offence’ was that they denied Nana Addo the right of rebuttal during the closing remarks segment which was the correct thing to do according to the established rules of the IEA Debate Committee was most lawless, intolerant and an unworthy example of a politician touted as a democrat.

Mr. Okudzeto Ablakwa said though Nana Addo was living up to his reputation as the man who owns the copyright to “All die be die”, he must be told now that his penchant for violence will not be countenanced by peace loving Ghanaians especially at this crucial time of our nation’s history where the citizenry demand of their politicians to play by the rules and accept the verdict of the people.

Source: JoyNews



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