RE: National Security Advisor Flays Nana Addo…He Is Too Desperate For Power


Brigadier-General Nunoo-Mensah11 June 2012

RE: National Security Advisor Flays Nana Addo…He Is Too Desperate For Power

We have noted with disgust the foray of the national security advisor into discussions of political promises at a time when the nation is facing grave security issues.




We wish to remind him of his job description and the need for him to be on the ball 24 hours a day. We also wish to state, unequivocally that his job is to ensure the security of all citizens in this country and not the security of the current executive only.

Mr. Nunoo Mensah, is beginning to show such crass incompetence in handling security matters in this country and we believe it is time his position is reassessed. His diatribe on Nana Addo and the feasibility of his Free SHS promise only goes to show Mr. Mensah’s hypocrisy, ignorance and desperation.

He, who has been a beneficiary of free education during his lifetime now claims that it is impossible for others to enjoy it. We wish to remind him that he is well advanced in age and so should consider his speeches very carefully.

Substantially, the fact that his NDC, headed by President Mills, have not been able to fulfill their numerous campaign promises like a onetime NHIS premium, absorbing all electricity and water bills for all SHS’s across the country, building stadia in all regional capitals etc does not mean that others cannot fulfill their promises.

Again, we wish to state that the next time he wants to address the public on such matters, he should be guided by the fact the NPP managed to attain what the 2008 manifesto of the NDC called a “clearly unrealistic target of achieving middle income status by 2015” 8 years ahead of time in 2007 and it is based on such a track record that Nana Akuffo Addo is promising free SHS and Ghanaians have confidence that he will do it.

Such a target of providing free SHS is not just a standalone promise but is part of the broader objective of enlightening the entire population for a fast paced industrialization push to develop the country.

If Mr. Nunoo Mensah does not understand this (and clearly he does not) then he should not try to say that “You see, we turn (sic) to put too much value on classroom” because a country like Ghana, considering our illiteracy rate, cannot put too much value on the classroom.

He, Mr. Nunoo Mensah should be guided by what his own party leader, President Mills has said that “ Past failures seem to have created a mentality that has restricted national ambition. It is time for this country to think big and think positive.… there is nothing wrong in being ambitious and daring. (President Mills. State of the Nation 2011. Page 6 paragraph 2.) and learn to believe in Ghana and in Ghanaians that we too can.

As for desperation, Nana Akuffo Addo is desperate to save Ghana from the payment of gargantuan judgment debts to individuals who do not deserve as well as prevent the fast approaching economic meltdown of the nation.

The fact that he, as national security advisor, is speaking to the issues he spoke to, publicly, rather shows how desperate President Mills and the NDC are to hold on to power and thus save their jobs. His cheap attempt at propaganda will not fly.







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