Free SHS is possible but ... Fritz Baffour


Fritz BaffourFree SHS is possible but ... Fritz Baffour

Information Minister Fritz Baffour has said that the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP’s) proposal of making secondary education free is possible, but was quick to add that can only be done at the expense of other important sectors of the economy.




The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), he said, will continue to dedicate itself to making SHS free to all Ghanaians but maintained the party will do this in a practical and logical manner.

Mr Baffuor, who was speaking on Joy FM’s Election Headquarters Thursday, rejected claims that the NDC’s 'sudden' focus on education in its campaign has nothing to do with the momentum that Akufo-Addo's free SHS campaign has drawn.

He explained that in the short term, the core objective of the NDC’s education plan is to mold the minds of children at an early age - during preschool or kindergarten - so that they become more receptive to education at higher levels.

Responding to recent allegations that NDC officials took bribes from the Chinese telecom firm Huawei, Mr Baffuor said the allegations were not just untrue but also motivated by desperation on the part of the opposition and insisted the claims do not merit investigations.

He also defended NDC officials whose transportation costs were allegedly paid by the company, insisting that credible organizations often cover such fees as part of an effort to establish trust with governments.

Asked whether he believes that the NDC can permanently end load shedding in Ghana, he stated emphatically that can be done.

He assured the populace that by March 2013, enough oil should be flowing from Ghana’s oil fields to enable government focus more on power and fuel stations.

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