Rawlings Is A Problem…Whereas His Wife Is Another “Baggage Surrounded By A Myth” – Kweku Baako


Kweku Baako Jnr.Rawlings Is A Problem…Whereas His Wife Is Another “Baggage Surrounded By A Myth” – Kweku Baako

15 October 2012

The managing editor of the New Crusading Guide newspaper Malik Kweku Baako Jnr.,has stated frankly that ex-president Rawlings and his wife were responsible for the never ending woes of the NDC.





The seasoned journalist made known his opinion on the issue relating to how things keep falling apart between the current leadership of the NDC and their founder Jerry John Rawlings.

His comments were in line with the rise of the National Democratic Party(NDP) which many considered as a breakaway party from the National Democaratic Congress(NDC) and founded by the Rawlings’s.

On Saturday 13th October, 2012, Former First Lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, was unanimously endorsed as the flagbearer of the National Democratic Party for the December 7 elections by the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the NDP after she went unopposed at the party's congress held in Kumasi.

But speaking prior to the NDP congress on Metro TV’s flagship programme “Good Morning Ghana”, Mr. Baako descended heavily on Mrs. Rawlings, describing her as a person “who is another baggage altogether” and surrounded by a “myth”.

Mr. Baako cited June 4th 1979 as where the whole mystery of the former first lady begun.

According to him, the explosiveness of June 4th era was such that “there was no way Mrs. Rawlings could involve herself in AFRC affairs”.

“Take that from me, it is not true (she involved herself)…she had absolutely nothing to do with the scheme of affairs.

Three months, the explosiveness was too huge she dare not come near there! …she didn’t create 31st December Women Movement.

The true story is there, the people are there and some of them are dead…they created a whole myth around her and her movement and add it to the (Mr.) Rawlings’ factor, it became problematic for the NDC as a party in transition”, Mr. Baako pontificated.

He also cited the failure of Mr. Rawlings to readjust properly post presidency and his failure to recognize that the NDC, became a full fledge party in opposition, as responsible for the nauseating problems that kept popping up in the NDC.

Mr. Baako was of a firm opinion that the NDC underwent a reorganization exercise, after certain leading members realized that the incumbency they enjoyed in 1992 had faded away.

“Mr. Rawlings, I say has been more unfair to the NDC and the people he formed the party with than they have been to him...as for the NDP, if you asked me and as Mr. Rawlings himself said…significantly, he said that they may not be seeking to win and that this could be a learning phase…perhaps the idea is to see if they can take away some votes from the NDC in some particular constituencies in order to enable the NDC to lose the election", he stated.

Source: Chris Joe Quaicoe/Peacefmonline.com



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