STATEMENT: Presby PRO Must Be Applauded For Dealing With Asiedu-Nketia


Photo ReportingSTATEMENT: Presby PRO Must Be Applauded For Dealing With Asiedu-Nketia

14 September 2012

Statements attributed to the PRO of the Presbyterian Church, Mr. Emmanuel Osei Akyeampong for reportedly describing derogatory comments from Mr. Asiedu Nketia, NDC General Secretary as having been made most likely under the influence of alcohol must be applauded.




The Presbyterian church's contribution in establishing over 100 SHS, a fully-accredited University, conducting health, social campaigns on common yet vital national concerns ought to humble public officials like the NDC General Secretary whose reported contribution to national development is a block factory supplying building materials to the Bui dam project of which he is board chairman.

Yet for times without number, certain violent verbal sections of the NDC have shown no regard for these national legacies, subjecting them to disgraceful verbal abuse.

Victims to date include, Pastor Mensah Otabil of the International Central Gospel Church, Archbishop Dag Heward-Mills of Lighthouse Chapel International for simply having a public political opinion as is the case of the PRO explaining that the timing for the creation of the constituencies is wrong and could mar the beauty of the upcoming election.

As a country, we appear to be living under the erroneous impression that Christian faith is exclusively a faith of soft-talking, humble-looking and tongues-speaking. If this is all that it offers then our faith is ineffective and incomplete.

There is also a time for tough talk and this is the time. Our religious leaders, Islamic, charismatic, orthodox have been far too dormant for far too long. They have too often preferred platitudes when they have power to rebuke, to discipline and to forcefully correct.

The PRO's comments ought to sober Mr. Aseidu Nketsia. Indeed the best explanation for the embattled NDC General Secretary's comments is actually that he spoke under the influence of the bottle, because if he did not, if he was fully functional at the time of his speaking, then the implications of his statements is far worse.

He risks turning the NDC into an anti-religion party in his recent utterances and must be reminded about the involvement of the Church in the liberation struggle across Africa including Ghana and the involvement of persons such as Rev Damoah in the PNDC.


Source: Nii Armah Akomfrah - Director of Communication -



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