Prez Mahama Must Dissolve The Special Forces


Photo ReportingPrez Mahama Must Dissolve The Special Forces

09 September 2012

The Young Patriots (UK) together with Concerned Ghanaian residents in UK and the Defenders of Ghana Democracy UK and Ireland branch, have issued a joint statement calling on the President of Ghana Mr John Dramani Mahama to as a matter of urgency dissolve the Ghana Special Armed Forces set up by his immediate boss the late President John Evans Atta Mills.




As they claim, the special forces have totally lost their core moral and ethical principles as revealed on the tape which caught the National Organiser of NDC, Opanyin Yaw Boateng Gyan hatching several vicious plans to throw the country (Ghana) into pandemonium during the elections with the use of these special forces.

“We strongly suggest that President Mahama should be bold to dissolve the so-called special forces set up by President John Atta Mills since the unit’s integrity and rectitude have been undermined by the exposed iniquitous schemes of the NDC National Organiser Mr Yaw Boateng Gyan, including drafting party delinquents into the National Security, especially the so-called Ghana Armed Forces Special Forces regiment to perpetuate anarchies to plunge the state into utter confusion during the general elections.”

According to the NDC national organiser, he has means and he would facilitate the planting of the NDC operatives into the security services (Special Forces) as moles and they would be required to foment chaos and blame it on the All-Die-Be-Die mantra of the opposition NPP Presidential Candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo.

“Our worry is how many party thugs he might have recruited into the Special Forces already; only God knows! We believe that Mr Yaw Boateng Gyan’s comments on his diabolical plans have seriously denigrated the reputation and professionalism of this Special National Security regiment in the Armed Forces which the best solution is for President Mahama to abrogate them immediately to bring confidence in minds of Ghanaians about the national security going forwards to these elections. The President has the primary responsibility to do this.”

Many Ghanaians have already argued from day one that, the creation of this group within the army is very divisive and takes Ghana backwards.

On 8th March 2012, a GBC news bulleting with head line “NPP Asks Government to explain the Special Forces within the Ghana Armed Forces,” reported the worries expressed by the NPP about the Special Forces who participated in the 55th Independence Day Parade apart from the regular officers of the Army.

There came a quick response from the National Organiser of the NDC, Yaw Boateng Gyan saying the party is not training any group of people within the Armed Forces. Speaking to Radio Ghana Mr. Boateng Gyan said “the NDC has no motive to intimidate voters”.

Now, juxtaposing this comment at that time to the recent comments captured on tape on his evil hatched plans; there’s no doubt that his actions have sublimely undermined the integrity of the newly created special regiment in the Armed Forces.

They further argued that the case of Yaw Boateng Gyan was one of a systematic laying down of plans to cause mayhem and atrocity with his accomplices, hence, the beleaguered national organiser should be arrested and charged appropriately even if he renders an apology to the nation.

The group also considered the government’s decision to authorise GHC25 million to be given to this special forces through a motivational and defence protection fund (MDPF) as unfair and very divisive. “Why is this facility not available to the whole armed forces and what is the motive for these forces if not to unleash terrible violence on innocent people in Ghana?

One Army dedicated to defending all Ghanaians is what Ghanaians want, not defending one political organisation or advancing the interest of some unscrupulous politicians who only want to use some sections of the security forces to unleash hostilities on ordinary Ghanaians to protect their personal interests.

Pp: Signed On Behalf of THE YOUNG PATRIOTS – UK Branch

Defenders of Ghana Democracy - UK & Ireland Branch

Concerned Ghanaian Residents in UK

P. A. Boasiako 07950388567

Nana A. Oborfour 07411461007

Justice A. Antwi 07445353804

Rosemary S. Cullis. 07852771321

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9th Sept, 2012.




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