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Children cite family conflict as main cause of unhappiness


Children cite family conflict as main cause of unhappiness

By Joe Lepper

Children & Young People Now

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Family conflict is the biggest factor in causing unhappiness among children, according to a survey by The Children's Society involving around 7,000 10- to 15-year-olds.

The charity asked children how different aspects of their life affected their happiness.

The survey found that seven per cent of children were significantly unhappy. Family arguments were the biggest determining factor, while the structure of families made a negligible impact on children’s sense of wellbeing.
Concerns about appearance were mentioned by 17.5 per cent of respondents and 16 per cent said they were unhappy because they did not feel confident. Children from African, Caribbean and Indian subcontinent family backgrounds were far happier with their appearance than white children.

One in 10 children surveyed said that the lack of freedom and choice in their life made them unhappy. Schoolwork made 12 per cent unhappy and where they live was a factor in unhappiness among 14 per cent of respondents.

Bob Reitemeier, chief executive of The Children's Society, said: "Family conflict emerges in this study as a major cause of childhood unhappiness. This report is a stark reminder that our actions as adults can have a profound impact on our children's wellbeing – and the importance of listening to what children are telling us."

Source: cypnow.co.uk



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