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The Fallouts Of A Socialist Regime


Photo Reporting: The Fallouts Of A Socialist RegimeThe Fallouts Of A Socialist Regime

…How the Ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC); is gradually evaporating its taunted Social Democratic credentials as the President and the commander-in-chief of the Ghana Armed Forces- John Dramani Mahama; strives to build 100s of houses but with the support of his security forces- the local authorities, the military and the police force, supervises the homelessness of thousands of households?

Asante Fordjour


In the Kingdom of the Great Britain [EW], the law concerning homelessness is contained in Part VII of the Housing Act 1996, as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002. In addition, regulations have been passed covering, among other matters, the status of persons from abroad, local connection and priority need groups. The law requires each housing authority- here; the Local Authority, such as the Tema/Adenta Municipal Assembly, to have "a homelessness strategy that sets out how the authority will:- prevent homelessness; and ensure that enough accommodation is, and will be, available for people who are, or who could become, homeless; and provide satisfactory support to people who are, who may become, or who have been, homeless and who need help to prevent them becoming homeless again. In a number of situations, a housing authority must take reasonable steps to protect an applicant's personal property if there is a danger of loss or damage to it because s/he is unable to protect it or deal with it, for example, the applicant is ill or cannot afford storage costs, and no other suitable arrangements have been made.” (Housing Act 1996 s211) The current demolitions fall into this and must be politically, estopped.



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