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Desperation, hopelessness to blame for corruption – CCG Gen. Sec.


Rev. Dr. Kwabena Opuni-FrimpongDesperation, hopelessness to blame for corruption – CCG Gen. Sec.

General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong, has revealed that desperation and hopelessness are the cause of excessive corruption in the country.

According to him, most people are no longer ashamed of corruption and stressed “it is a sign of desperation and hopelessness” in the country.

“People who have lost hope in themselves and others are those who are convinced that they cannot survive by doing the right things and therefore they will do anything for survival,” he asserted.

The Christian Council General Secretary stated this in his sermon during the 50th Anniversary Launch of the Ghana Police Church in Accra last Sunday.

He continued: “Our leaders, religious, political, traditional, etc who want to use the resources entrusted to them for the wellbeing of others for their selfish gains are desperate and hopeless about their future. They have lost hope in tomorrow if they have to maintain human values and dignity. They are therefore willing to do anything to survive.”


Touching on the upsurge in suicide cases, he said people commit the act because they have lost self-confidence and dignity.

He bemoaned the fact that people of different age and professional background have now resorted to committing suicide to deal with their predicaments and described it as “very unfortunate”.

Rev. Opuni-Frimpong said it is important for national institutions, media and other bodies to inspire and give hope to its constituents, and undertake the necessary steps to help people develop their self-confidence and dignity, even in the midst of their predicaments.

He added, “our public discourse is too much politicized and therefore do not inspire hope in those who are hurting. We need objectivity in governance and public discourse. If something is good, let as us, both parties in the majority and minority say it is good so that we can help a hopeless person to revive hope.”

Selfishness and nationalism

Touching on nationalism, he bemoaned the fact that most Ghanaians have lost their sense of patriotism because they have become selfish. He said people now care about themselves more than the collective wellbeing of all.

According to him, the economic and academic gaps between the poor and the rich, the rural and urban are becoming wider every day, stressing that, the poor in our societies are becoming poorer while the rich is becoming richer without stronger opportunities for the poor to benefit from the riches of the rich. “There is the urgent need for us to discuss identifiable national ideals, values and philosophies in our media and other public discourse. We must revive the sense of patriotism as we seek to enjoy the blessings of jubilee” he noted.

Jubilee Celebration

Speaking to the theme of the anniversary which is Jubilee, he said it is an affirmation that God is has pleasure in the prosperity of his people. Quoting from Leviticus 25:8-17, he disclosed that, jubilee is a moment of forgiveness, freedom, reconciliation, fresh opportunities and hope.

According to him, the current state of corruption, hopelessness, suicide and crime are indications that Ghana is yearning for jubilee and everyone must avail him/herself for God to use to bring it to pass.

He said church programmes must bring jubilee and assurance of hope to orphans, sick and the less privilege in our society.

Source: CCG Communications Unit



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