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Divide (AMA) Into Four Municipalities!!!


Divide (AMA) Into Four Municipalities!!!

An expert of local governance, Mr. Issaka Amon Kotei has suggested that Accra be divided into four (4) municipal areas. This according to him would ensure an efficient administration of the Metropolis.

He said the division of Accra into sub-metros has outlived its purpose because the population of the city has become very big that the idea of using Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and the Sub-metro concept cannot ensure an efficient administration.

Speaking at a press briefing on “Efficient Administration of Accra city,” Mr. Amon Kotei who was a member of (AMA) said if Accra is divided into four (4) the benefits would be enormous. For example he noted that the revenue that would be collected would remain in the various municipalities to be used for development. Under sub-metro system which is being operated under AMA the revenues collected are divided into 2 and one part sent to AMA whilst the remaining which is usually not enough spent at the sub-metro level.

He said revenue from Lorry Parks, Markets, District Assembly common Fund and other sources could be used to sustain the proposed municipal Assemblies. He said waste management would also be easier due to decentralization of that sector. Regarding security, Mr. Amon Kotei said would be efficient because the numbers that the security would control will be smaller than the large numbers under (AMA).

Mr. Amon Kotei cited the Ledzokuku Krowor municipal Assembly which was carved out of AMA as a municipality which is on its feet and doing very well in terms of Revenue collection, security management, waste management and general Administration as compared to (AMA) which is still struggling to manage waste efficiently.

Mr. Amon Kotei said when the Nation in around 1992 decided to return to constitutional Governance the sub-metros in Accra City were six (6). They were; Ashiedu Keteke, Osu Klotey, Kpeshie, Ablekuma, Okaikor and Ayawaso. He said it was increased to 11 sub-metros and later around 2003 the sub-metros were increased to 13. He said now for a more efficient administration of Accra the city could be divided into four as follows:

First Group: Ayawaso Central, Ayawaso East and Ayawaso West. These three areas he suggested could be one municipality.

Then Ablekuma Central, Ablekuma North, and Ablekuma South could also be a second municipal Area in Accra City. Furthermore, the third Expert noted could be; Okaikoi North and Okaikoi South. Last but not the least, he said Ashiedu Keteke, Osu Klotey and La could also be made another municipality for a more efficient administration of Accra city.

Mr. Amon Kotei supported his suggestion by stating that local governance laws has it that any area that has more than 250,000 people is qualified to be a metropolitan, where the population is more than 95,000 is qualified to get a municipal status and the place where the population is more than 75,000 is qualified to be a district.

The expert noted that all the four (4) areas he enumerated above have all got more than 250,000 people, adding that in principle the (4) areas even qualified to be metropolitan areas. He said if this is accepted a deputy Minister of Greater Accra Region could be in charge of all the (4) areas for supervisory purposes.

Source: By Bernard Quanson (0244658096) P.O. BOX MC 639 Mallam Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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