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Minister Urges Restaurants To Promote Ghanaian Food

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Dzifa GomashieMinister Urges Restaurants To Promote Ghanaian Food

Dzifa Gomashie, Deputy Minister of Tourism, has urged restaurant and hotel operators to have local dishes on their menu to improve the food culture of Ghanaians.

She said people in the creative sector produce bags, pots, baskets, among others, but in most places one visits to eat, one would think they are in the other part of the world because of the foreign dishes on the menu of the restaurants and hotels.

The Deputy Minister was speaking at the book launch of ‘Modern Yam Recipes’, a book that was written to teach people the variety of foods that could be made out of yam in the country.

She challenged researchers to embark on studies on how to preserve foodstuff for longer periods.

She commended the author for having written the book, adding that it would expose the youth to what they do not know about yam as well raising the purchasing value of the commodity.

Dorothy Dee- Ann Woode, Author and Chief Director for Africa International Culinary Education, said the book has been written to appeal to tourists who want to take a piece of Ghana back home with them.

The author said this would allow for African foods at the forefront of the new wave of dinning the world has been waiting for.

“The development of good food is important to the growth of any society and it is a pleasure to always introduce others to yams. Various African food items have been incorporated into the authors menu, planning to satisfy the current trend in modern and fusion cooking.

“It is a pleasure to share with you a new world of cooking and dining experience that can be delightful for the entire family and customers, for main meals, entertainment, à la carte, picnics and snacks, all year round. Enjoy the recipes as much joy as I had in creating them,” she said.

Mr Samuel Jaji Jalley, Founder of Nawubil Limited, congratulated Ms Woode for the book, urging people to make good use of it.

He said there are products such as flour, cake and wine, but how to commercialise them in the country has become the problem, and as such called on government to provide development funds for these produce.

He said Ghana is the second leading producer of yam, producing 600 tonnes annually but transportation has become the major problem, and called on government and stakeholders to help reverse the situation.

Source: Daily Guide



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