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I thought the Akans were Intelligent but....

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27 September 2012

Photo ReportingI thought the Akans were Intelligent but....

History made me understand how intelligent and wise the Akans were or are. Many a Ghanaian in time of difficulty approached the Akan for directions. People came from all the four corners of Ghana to drink from the overflowing fountain of wisdom of the Akans. Their colleagues from other tribes held them in high esteem.

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From current empirical observations, I doubt if the Akans were, or are, what they are said to be. I have come to establish that many bad nuts among them have become traitors, betraying their own people. For the quest of amassing illegal wealth, some Akans have stooped too low to the political insanity in practice by the NDC government. They have sold their self-pride, conscience, and just become stooges to the NDC manipulators. In the light of their absurd attitudes in portrayal, one may well question their supposed legendary intelligence and tribal superiority.

I am not a tribalist but the current attitude of some Akans that beggars belief really disgusts me. They have sold their birthright for peanut, thus, corruption. As Esau sold his birthright to Jacob, the younger brother, so have the Akans out of outright stupidity sold their numerical superiority to the minority tribes, especially, the Ewes.

To buttress my contention, the following instances are how the Akans have acted irresponsibly to belittle themselves in my "korokoro"eyes, as a Nigerian will say. Ex-Major Boakye Djan, an Akan from Brong staged the successful June 4th 1979 military coup d'état that brought Rawlings to power. Although I detest military takeovers of elected governments, I would have expected Boakye Djan to become the Head of State instead of giving it to Rawlings. In the end, Rawlings was chasing him to kill so Boakye Djan escaped to the UK to seek political asylum. Nana Agyemang Konadu Rawlings, an Akan from either Ashanti Region or Volta Region, might have sat unconcerned or aided his husband, AFRC Chairman Rawlings to abduct and kill in cold blood, fellow Akan High Court Judges and many other Akans.

Yaw Boateng Gyan, a fellow Akan from Brong has recently been caught on secret tapes plotting to kill some Ghanaians, especially, his fellow Akans simply in an attempt to retain his NDC government in power. Kobby Acheampong, a half-Akan from Mampong in Ashanti Region goes on air to insult the entirety of the citizens of his fatherland (Ashanti Region) for being "Kookoase nkruasefo3". Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the NDC General Secretary from Seikwa in Brong or Bontuku in the Ivory Coast, a pure Akan, goes on air to utter balderdash. He threatens amidst glee that the NDC hoodlums enlisted into the Special Forces are there to kill Akans that form the bulk of the NPP party should they dire to subvert the chances of NDC winning election December 7, 2012.

My own fellow Kumawu citizen (The Finance and Economic Planning Minister), is hugely supervising the gargantuan illegal payments of judgment debt to the NDC and their cronies. Some of the NDC recipients of such illegal monies streaming into their stinking pockets may intend to use them to subvert the very existence of his fellow Akans especially, the Ashantis.

From the few instances enumerated above, ask yourself if the Akans are damn fools or they are wise. In my opinion, they are complete bigots to allow the mischievous minority Ewe tribe to manipulate them in an attempt to subdue the Akans.

What annoys me is the Ewe policy in perpetuation where they refuse Akans public sector jobs for simply being Akans. Rawlings, that devil incarnate who the NDC are now paying back in his own coin, introduced that policy of positive discrimination in workplaces against the Akan. This policy is in continuation under the President Mills/Mahama and President Mahama/Amissah-Arthur NDC regimes.

Some Akans out of stupidity, greediness, shortsightedness and sheer wickedness are helping the minority tribe enslave the majority tribe of which they belong. The Akans in general vote massively the NDC yet the NDC always see us as their enemies to exterminate from the surface of the earth if they had their own way. They hate especially, the Ashantis, with passion yet some greedy sycophantic bastards in Ashanti rent themselves out to the NDC to help the NDC subdue the majority of their fellow Ashantis.

Those greedy and selfish Ashantis that have ears should hear me and change for the better. Do not assist the NDC to bring your own people down just because you want to possess a potbelly (the Ghanaian sign of riches). Aspire for all Ghanaians to live in peace irrespective of tribes. The governments should treat everybody equally. I believe in oneness as a nation of One people with a Common destiny.

By Rockson Adofo



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