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The Yutong Bus Is In The Mud - Teye Nyaunu


06 June 2012

The Yutong Bus Is In The Mud - Teye Nyaunu

Michael Teye NyaunuMr Michael Teye Nyaunu, the defeated National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Member of Parliament (MP) for the Lower Manya Constituency in the Eastern Region, has observed that his government is bereft of leadership ideas and has thus lost control and bearing.

According to the Lower Manya MP, the Atta Mills-led government of the NDC has worsened the economic situation of Ghanaians in the last three and a half years due to the massive corruption it has supervised after taking over the reins of government.

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Taking his turn to address a rally on the 33rd anniversary celebration of June 4 at Aflao last Sunday, Michael Teye Nyaunu, alias MTN, said the government has lost the battle against corruption and has failed to abide by the principles of probity, accountability and integrity: ideals with which former President Jeremiah John Rawlings founded the NDC.

Employing a question-and-answer format, Mr Nyaunu said to the crowd, “Show by hands how many of you here have been gainfully employed since the NDC came to power? Three and a half years after elections, NDC people are still holding applications looking for jobs. Monkey has worked for the baboon to chop.”

Likening the jobless situation of NDC supporters to George Orwell’s literature “Animal Farm,” Mr Nyaunu charged the supporters to ‘fight’ to enjoy the fruit of their sweat and toil.

According to him, the NDC does not have the moral grounds to accuse the New Patriotic Party of corruption, stating that corruption in the NDC, according to Mr Martin Amidu, the immediate former Attorney General, has become official.

He said, “We have a serious problem on hand, and with six months more to go into election, what are we going to say? NDC has a problem and this is a time to take a drastic action or we shall blame ourselves.

“The Yutong bus has gone off the road. It is stuck in the mud because the sleeping driver is no more given hot coffee to drink. All of us must come out of the bus and push it or we will forever remain in the mud.”

Concluding, he said, “We must all come out of the Yutong bus, push it out from the mud and put it back on the highway.”

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