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Hosni Mubarak's sentence greeted with initial euphoria, then anger - Brief Profile: Hosni Mubarak

1928 Born 4 May. After finishing high school, Mubarak enters the Egyptian Military Academy and gains a commission as a pilot officer in March 1950.

His career in military service reaches its pinnacle after the Yom Kippur war of 1973 when he is made air chief marshal, and ends when he is appointed vice-president of Egypt in April 1975.

1981 Mubarak becomes Egypt's president following the assassination of Anwar el-Sadat.

1989 Egypt is finally readmitted to the Arab League. The league's headquarters is relocated to its original base in Cairo.

1991 Supports the coalition in the Gulf war, with Egyptian infantry among the first soldiers to evict Iraqi forces from Kuwait.

1995 Survives one of six assassination attempts while in Ethiopia for a conference of the Organisation of African Unity.

2003 Speaks out against the Iraq war, arguing that Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be resolved first. He claims that the conflict will lead to "100 [Osama] Bin Ladens".

2005 Mubarak wins his fourth successive election. The polls involve widespread rigging, according to civil organisations that observe them.

2011 Mass protests against Mubarak and his regime erupt on 25 January in Cairo and other cities. Mubarak says he will not leave office and will die on Egyptian soil.

1 February Mubarak announces that he will not seek re-election but would like to finish his term and promises reform. Protests continue.

10 February He makes last TV appearance as president The next day the vice-president, Omar Suleiman, announces Mubarak has resigned and power will be turned over to the Egyptian military.

2 June, 2012 Jailed for life for enabling the massacre of protesters.

Source: The Guardian UK



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