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Tony Aidoo and the Ghanaian Judiciary

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Tony Aidoo and the Ghanaian Judiciary Tony Aidoo and the Ghanaian Judiciary

... Is Dr Tony Aidoo in Contempt of Court? Think Again: If Astute Legal Practitioners are at fault lines, how just, then, could we trouble a Vociferous Sociologist and Politician?

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In the Republic v Mensah-Bonsu and Others; Ex Parte Attorney-General [1995-96] 1 GLR 377 (SC), the Supreme Court of Ghana held among others that “freedom of expression was essential to the achievement and maintenance of a democratic society. Accordingly, the press might criticise in matters of public interest. [But] That right was however not absolute but subject to the limitation that it did not violate the integrity of the court or present a threat to judicial authority. [Thus] even though trenchant criticism of a judgment was permitted, scurrilous abuse of a judge by the imputation of unfairness and impartiality, as in the instant case, was not and would thus constitute contempt of court. Accordingly, in the instant case, the defence of fair criticism would not ensure to the benefit of the respondents.” It is from this legal premise, that our hearts bled for Dr Tony Aidoo- the National Democratic Congress’ politician, for being quoted to have tagged the Ghanaian Judiciary, among others, in a news paper report, as “rotten to the core”. But could we justly hang Dr Aidoo alone for “blasphemously”, bringing the sanctity and the honour of the Ghanaian judiciary to ridicule?



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