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EC Shot Down Over Smuggled Pink Sheets - Disability Issue

Disability Issue

Counsel: Under cross examination, you insisted that biometric registration was only fingerprint, is that not correct?

Witness: This is what the CI 75 defines it as… (Counsel interrupts)

Counsel: In your Evidence in Chief, you insisted that biometric registration is only fingerprint.

Witness: It does, but the law also makes exceptions for people without fingers or people whose fingers could not be captured. That is in the law, but the equipment is for fingerprint verification.

Counsel: The photograph is also part of the details in the biometric register?

Witness: Yes, my lords.

Counsel: And so are the other details of the registrant; the person being registered.

Witness: Yes, my lords.

Counsel: So there are data other than the finger print that will enable you to be biometrically verified?

Witness: Yes, my lords. On the register there are data that is capturing people who would be identified by their face only so in the register under their names, the initials “F.O” appear.

The total register that we have looked at, there are 3,196 such people and they are distributed across three regions in Ghana: You have 2,657 in the Volta Region, 170 in….. (Interrupted by a counsel who was astounded by the witness’ ability to commit those figures to memory)

Counsel: My lords, I respectfully submit that the answers that he is giving, he is going beyond the question that I gave, my lords…

Witness: No, not at all, I’m just fully giving the answers knowing the data that supports the question and the answer therefore….

Sitting continues on Monday April 29, 2013 after counsel called for a break.

From: William Yaw Owusu & Raphael Ofori-Adeniran/Daily Guide



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