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President Mahama's Presentation at the IEA Encounter - conclusion


Let me say that our desire for seeking re-election on December 7, 2012 is driven by a solid record in office and our commitment to build a prosperous and equitable society.

Under the next NDC Government:

Ø Our economic performance will be deepened and diversified as the basis for the provision of the basic human needs of our people;

Ø We will energize the entire country by creating a rapid expansion of the energy sector to provide access to electricity and energy for all by 2016, and in this process, increase electricity generation, improve distribution bottlenecks and accelerate access to the poorest sections of our society;

Ø Our infrastructure development will be intensified to catalyse an accelerated transformation of Ghana to middle-income status;

Ø Our governance will be more thoroughly decentralized to enable citizens to access resources and demand accountability for services;

Ø Our private sector promotion and facilitation programmes will complement those of the public sector in our quest for accelerated growth and job creation;

Ø Our industrial development, notably in the energy sector, will be the basis for pursuing a value added, diversified and productive economy;

Ø Our agriculture will be modernized to involve a strong partnership between private agricultural investors and small-holder peasant small-holders in a manner that introduces capital, technology and expanded local and global market access; and above all,

Ø Our educational assets will be rapidly expanded to provide equitable access for every child to enter and complete basic education, enter and complete secondary school.

All of these will enable our economy to expand, creating the needed jobs that will propel prosperity for all and Advance the Better Ghana Agenda.

We aim to consolidate the People First social compact, long-established with the people of Ghana through our 2008 Manifesto and the pro-people policies we have championed since assuming office.

This is a new Africa, existing in a new era, and with this must come a new style of leadership with new philosophies and new ideas on how to integrate the firm foundations and clear visions that were forged by our past leaders into a better society.

This vision of a new Africa was what I articulated in my speech to the UN General Assembly. I grew up primarily in the North as the son of a teacher, an educationist, a politician and a farmer. I attended high school in Tamale, lived and worked there for a while after graduating; I served my professional terms in modesty; I represented my people in Parliament and I provided my stewardship at every level of human endeavour with humility and respect.

As I look across the diverse representations in this room, I see every Ghanaian here and the millions watching at home within whom I can recognize parts of my own story. We are all a part of one another and we cannot afford to live with policies and promises that will divide us into those who have and those who have not.

On December 7, when you pick up that ballot to vote, you will face the clearest choice of any time in a generation - a choice between two distinctly different paths for Ghana, a choice between giving more and more to the ‘haves’ in the hope that it somehow, someday trickles down to the ‘have not’s—and you will see a choice that is based on equity and opportunity for all regardless of backgrounds, regardless of ethnic background, regardless of religious, political or private affiliation.

When I am elected into office, as President of Ghana and supported by a wide majority in Parliament, I will work with all my energy and soul to make sure that Ghana remains a country of equal opportunity, social justice and the pursuit of happiness by all, irrespective of class and privilege;

I will work tirelessly to restore Ghana to its pioneering role in Africa’s advancement And with your help we will deliver it.

But we must do it united, as one. One people, inextricably linked together by one future.

Take Ghana’s destiny into your own hands. The decision as to what that future will be belongs to each of us. It belongs just as much to you as it does to anybody else.

So exercise your right to give voice to your choice. Vote for John Mahama and the NDC’s ‘Better Ghana Agenda’. I will work to unite a divided country that is increasingly losing faith in the political elite and is beginning to question the significance of multiparty democracy that focuses less on lifting us up as a people, than lifting themselves up as individuals and celebrities.

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana and Make our Nation Great and Strong.

I thank you all for your attention.

God Bless.

Source: johnmahama.org



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