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How Do We Celebrate Easter and Why?


Photo ReportingHow Do We Celebrate Easter and Why?

In Africa, Easter is celebrated as a main function of the Christian communities. Hundreds of people assemble in the church building for an Easter Vigil. In most parish churches the Easter Vigil begins at 3pm and dark, around 6pm.

Christian hymns are accompanied by the beating of drums and, the high-pitched sounds made by women called Kigelegele. Before returning home after the Mass traditional dances are held outside of the church. People then return home to continue their celebrations with customary African food and drinks.

People remain around the church after Mass in some parishes. They sit in their small Christian communities to continue the celebration of eating and drinking, and ceremonial dances and entertainments continue around them. At Easter families come together. They share special food with Christians and non-Christians indulging in boiled or roasted rice with meat or chicken. Easter has a social dimension as well as a spiritual one in Africa.

In Australia Easter is celebrated in a variety of ways because Australia is a country with people from different parts of the world. Children exchange Easter eggs, which are usually made of chocolate. Some are now made from sugar and have little toys inside. The chocolate eggs are available in an egg shape, from tiny little ones to giant ones. Some chocolate eggs are also in the shape of cheeky looking rabbits. The main day of celebration of families of Anglo-Irish backgrounds is Easter Sunday. Some people go to church services and have hot cross buns for breakfast. These are a sweet fruit bun, which may have a cross on top.

The bilby is a native animal in Australia. It is an endangered species. Chocolate manufacturers decided to make Easter bilbies and give some of their profits to help protect these animals from extinction. So in recent years children have started receiving Easter Bilbies and can be compared to the tradition in America of giving chocolate bunnies.
Many families arrange for an Easter hunt in their homes or gardens to see who can find the most eggs on Easter Sunday morning. They then share a meal with their relatives. Traditionally this has consisted of roast lamb, beef or chicken with roasted vegetables like potatoes and carrots.

Easter is celebrated in many ways and candy and gifts may be given. But most agree Easter is the day to remember what Christ did to save us from our sins and give us the opportunity to be forgiving them. I have story I heard once I would like to share with you. It may make us think the next time we get upset over some little thing someone says or does that may upset us.One day, a man went to visit a church. He got there early, parked his car, and got out.

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