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Conflict Gold; Mining In Ancient Kyebi Escalates

Town Planning

The brutal impact that illegal miningConflict Gold; Mining In Ancient Kyebi Escalates

Town Planning Strategies for the future I have chosen to recount in detail, the brutal impact that illegal mining is having on ancient Kyebi and the destruction of its ‘history and heritage’.


PACmen Down, Kunbour Reigns


PACmen Down, Kunbour Reigns

We have 40 days left to election day and Prophet Daniel Nkansah has chosen this time, not to interpret God’s message of peace and peaceful elections to Ghanaians like all pastors are doing, but rather to implicate simple God-fearing election officers in ghc1,600 bribe money.

Rawlings is not an enemy


Photo ReportingRawlings is not an enemy

I wish my able president will take this free advice in good faith. Am making it snappy for my gallant readers. Your Excellency, you might not know this secret, but that is the fact on the ground. Founder-Rawlings hasn’t seen you as an enemy at all. Never I can confidently say. There are people in the party whose attitudes are forcing the man to do what he is unfortunately doing.

Every Sane Ghanaian Reckons Nana Addo ‘d Excel


The People of GhanaWhen Ghanaians call themselves magicians…

The zeal with which Ghanaians participate in the US Diversity Visa Lottery and the length to which some go to desert the country is amazing.

NDC Rented Lecturers And Their Voodoo Maths on Free SHS


Photo ReportingNDC Rented Lecturers And Their Voodoo Maths on Free SHS

It is so sad when some Educationalist who are are expected to delve into the issue of the proposed free Secondary school as proposed by the NPP Presidential candidate allow their expert opinion to be massaged by their own political affiliation and allowed their stomach to think for them instead of their brains.