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JusticeGhana is a Non-Governmental [and-not-for- profit] Organization (NGO) with a strong belief in Justice, Security and Progress....” More Details


About SaGroup


The SaGroup

The Samaritan Advisory Group (The SaGroup) was founded in 2009 by journalist and international criminal justice lawyer Asante Fordjour.

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Q & A

About JusticeGhana Group

JusticeGhana Group is a Research, Information, Advisory & Advocacy focus. It has the following affiliates:

•The OmanbaPa Research Group

• The Samaritan Research Group

• The JusticeGhana Trust and

• The Samaritan Advisory Group (The SaGroup)

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Does JusticeGhana Trust offer legal and Media advice and information?

Partially, Yes.

We are not practicing solicitors but rather legal and media researchers, offering free and limited generic advice and information on International Law, International Human Rights, International Environmental Law and International Criminal Justice.

For research and advice on legal and media relations and publicity, you may contact The SaGroup.


Does JusticeGhana advertise for careers, jobs and volunteering opportunities?

Yes- we might advertise for job and volunteering positions in the future. If the need arises, the announcement would be made on this site!