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About SaGroup

This was in response to JusticeGhana Trust (JGT) subscribers' quest for further insight into other areas of our trust and competences. The Trust and its affiliates- the OmanbaPa Research Group and the Samaritan Research Group, operate primarily as not for profit organization, offering dynamic researched articles to its subscribers and visitors. 

The SaGroup is thus as an affiliate of JusticeGhana [Media] Group. We focus on the development and execution of Legal and Media Research programs that serve positive, measurable and important results for UK-based Afro-Caribbean small and medium-sized businesses, who seek inroads into UK and global markets.

In 2009, The SaGroup began partial operations as a research and consulting agency, serving individuals and community groups. SaGroup has been for example, involved in the compilation of the Boys Companys tribute to Major Courage Quashigah (rtd)- Ghana's former Minister for Health.

Under the historical and legal guidance of Asante, SaGroup also profiled the passing away of Ghana's oldest Centenarian- Madam Sarah Efua Andrews, known in private life at Prestea as Maame Aketze.

In the area of consultancy, The SaGroup aims at the exploitation of its extensive knowledge, skills or expertise in qualitative and quantitative legal and media research approach and methodology.

Our burning preoccupations are the raising of interests of UK-based firms as well as individuals and organizations who seek insight into Afro-Caribbean goods and services.

Brief Profile: Asante Fordjour

Asante Fordjour is a journalist and international criminal justice lawyer.

Asante was admitted to LLM International Law And Criminal Justice degree in 2007 from University of East London, in the United Kingdom.

He also holds LLB Law(Hons) from London Metropolitan University and, Diploma Journalism And Newswriting from the London School of Journalism.

Asante is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The SaGroup- an offshoot of JusticeGhana Group and its affiliate JusticeGhana Trust at JusticeGhnana.com, which he co-founded in 2007.

JusticeGhana was established primarily to offer free interactive research based news reports on business, politics, law, justice and security, to Ghanaian community both at home and at abroad.

Asante has passion for history, biographies and legal research. He has lots of publications to his credit.




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