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Africa:World Bank Computer Game Encourages Youth to Tackle Social Problems


Africa:World Bank Computer Game Encourages Youth to Tackle Social Problems

Rachel Pollock

The World Bank has launched an online computer game called Evoke, which tackles world issues and urges young people to solve problems like poverty, disease, conflict, climate change, education, and healthcare.

On the launch of the game on 3 March 2010, over 4,000 players in more than 120 countries were pre-registered. According to the World Bank, the game is a simulation of real world scenarios, but top players have the opportunity to earn real world distinctions like honors and mentorships with business leaders and social innovators.

Bob Hawkins, who is the executive producer for the game, told MediaGlobal: "The various communities we have targeted--students, universities, young social entrepreneurs have responded very positively to the game thus far. The aim is to raise awareness of development challenges and seek to empower the players to identify issues that they are passionate about and think creatively about innovative solutions to those challenges -- collaborating and forming innovation networks with other players through the course of the game."

Currently, the game is being marketed to university students in South Africa through social media, various networks of universities, and non-profit organizations like Ashoka, International Youth Foundation and IEARN. The hope is that by enhancing knowledge of the world's youth in developing countries through an interactive program, there will be more of a global interest in humanitarian issues.

Credit: allafrica.com



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