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I refused a job offer from the presidency – Maurice Ampaw


Dr Maurice AmpawI refused a job offer from the presidency – Maurice Ampaw

Ace Ghanaian legal practitioner Dr. Maurice Ampaw has disclosed that during the Presidential Petition hearing at the Supreme Court, he got a job offer from the Presidency to become a consultant and educate government communicators about the case but he refused it.

He said during that same period he also got an invitation from the opposition [NPP] to become the coordinator of “a certain project they were doing” but he turned down that offer as well.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw said “I was on TV discussing the Supreme Court case when a call came in from the presidency offering me the job but I said no – and later on the opposition also called me but I refused to work with them either.”

He was speaking at a special ceremony organized by the Private Investors Protection Agency (PIPA) to reward him for his immense contribution to media and public discourse during the Presidential Petition hearing at the Supreme Court last year.

PIPA thinks Maurice Ampaw enriched the discussion about the technicalities of the Supreme Court case and helped the public, both literate and illiterate to understand the court proceedings every step of the way.

Dr. Maurice Ampaw was on TV3 regularly every week day from 9am when the Supreme Court sat till 4pm when they rose, explaining the technicalities in the events that took place during the hearing.

He also appeared on other television stations and radio stations, including both the Akan and English platforms at Multimedia, and helped the public to understand the issues in court.

The Ace Lawyer argued that it was because of his able explanation of the issues in court that both the presidency and the opposition had wanted him in their camp but he did not think that was proper.

“I refused the job offers because if I had accepted any of those jobs they would have bought my conscience and I would have lost my freedom to speak independently on the issues,” he said.

Lawyer Ampaw revealed that during the court proceedings, TV3 network contacted a lot of legal practitioners but most of them turn down the invitation whiles others demanded money, but he volunteered without taking any money, except lunch.

“TV3 was the first to honor me after the four months of hearing – they gave me a big cake and a fat cheque because they could not fathom how a lawyer of my caliber could be with them every day from 9am to 4pm for four months without taking even money for fuel,” he said amidst applauds.

Dr. Maurice Ampaw said he would never do politics but he is ready to support former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings any day because of her “humility, vision, compassion for the poor and passion for the development of this country.”

He eulogized Nana Konadu as a woman of integrity, who had the opportunity to enrich herself during the 20 years of her husband’s reign as both a de facto and constitutionally elected head of state of Ghana, but she did not and that is commendable.

“A lot of people have negative perception about the former first lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings but when I met her I realized she was earth.”

“I’m not prepared to do politics but I’m prepared to support Nana Konadu, she has the vision, she is committed and she is there for the ordinary person,” Lawyer Maurice Ampaw emphasized.

He stated that Ghana lacks men and women who are bold to criticize people but Nana Konadu Agyeman is exceptional and worth emulating.

Source: Ghana|Adom News|Abednego Asante Asiedu



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